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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marvelous & Me Time Monday

Happy Monday I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Ahh, today I was able to have a little me time! I am staying at my parent's house for the week because my husband is driving up to Washington state to attend his Grandfather's funeral. His Grandpa passed away this past Sunday. He was such a kind and gentle spirited man who loved the Lord. He will be missed. I know he is with Jesus and no longer in any pain here on earth.

Rich and I both thought it was best that baby Robert and I stay home and not make the drive (because Robert is so little and still a newborn). So, Robbie and I are spending the week at Grandma Robin's house! Anyway, yesterday after nursing and getting Robert down for his afternoon nap, I asked Grandma to babysit while I went to get my much needed and long overdue eyebrow wax!!!!

I had no idea before baby how much the simple things in life (like getting eyebrows waxed)would be such a luxury!!! It was nice to take a 15 minute timeout for myself. :) Now, I'm a happy girl without a uni brow! ;)
First up, my new favorite nail polish by Revlon. It's called Plum Baby 766. It's a beautiful, light pink that makes me feel soft and girlie! I love anything pink and this polish is positively radiant! It goes well with any outfit and compliments most skin tones! My mother in-law Carla made me a get well basket when I was in the hospital having the baby. This was one of the treats in the


Next, I wanted to share the restaurant The Melting Pot with all of you. Okay kids, show of hands please if you have ever eaten at The Melting Pot???? The Melting Pot is a fabulous fondue restaurant. The food is wonderful and I love the atmosphere. It';s a great place to dine with a group of friends or just even for a quite date night with your hubby. Either way you have to check out The Melting Pot! :)

Here we are at The Melting Pot last Summer.


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1 comment:

smiley_netta said...

Is the photo of you and your husband hugging from when you went to The Melting Pot from this past weekend?! If so, then I must say, you are looking FABULOUS for just having had a baby!!!

Glad you got some alone time! :D