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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Is To- Do- Day

I just finished packing my hospital bag along with my suitcase full of clothes and we are ready for action! I want baby Robert to get as much time in my tummy as possible. However, Saturday he will be considered full term at 37 weeks. So, I thought I better get to packing my bags just in case we have an early bird. Even if he doesn't come until his due date at least we are 100 % ready!!! :)
Maverick our cat "helping" me pack.

Suitcase all packed with nightgowns, robe, slippers, clothes for Rich and of course clothes and diapers for little Robert!
Packed and Ready to go!

Here is my To-Do-List before Robert arrives: I'm making my list and checking it twice!

Below is a picture of my sweet friends Brenda, Kaitlin and Hannah. Kaitlin and Hannah were students of mine when I was teaching second grade a few years ago. The twins were my students during my first year of teaching in my own classroom! In 2008 Rich and I asked the girls to be flower girls in our wedding. Here we all are dress shopping for their flower girl dresses. Rich and I LOVE the McFaul family and strive to raise children as well as they have! :)

A few weeks ago Brenda and the girls met Rich and me for frozen yogurt for my birthday. Brenda gave me a fabulous gift. A diaper bag full of all the goodies and essentials I would need while in the hospital having my baby. Here is what was in the bag, it made my packing job so much easier. :)

Snacks for Rich.
Beauty products for me.

A Baby Brain book to store phone numbers, birth certificate etc...

And a few other things I added to my bag. My Bible
Video Camera, Camera, phone charger and Ipod

Just ordered a new Ipod docking station for the hospital room!
It feels so good to be ready! :)

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Summer said...

Aaaaaaahhh!!! I'm so excited!!! He's almost here! I love you, let me know if you need ANYthing!