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Monday, April 11, 2011

Marvelous Monday Sharing My Favorite Things

Good Morning Readers! It's Not a manic Monday but a marvelous Monday! Today and every Monday I will be sharing and featuring some of my favorite things with you. Let's jump start your week! First I have to share this great day planner that I just love. It's by momAgenda!

Check out the site here for more information or to order yours today The new 2011-2012 momAgenda Calendars and day planners are here! Check out all the awesome new colors. I just received my new momAgenda last week, I chose to go with the shimmering berry pink color. It's easy to find in my purse.I'm crazy about my momAgenda because I can see my whole week at once. I put my to-do-list inside as well ( so I can check off things and keep track of my commitments throughout the week). This year i went with the library binding instead of the spiral bound book. Both are great in their own way! Second on my list of favorites this week; is my MAC SPF 35 Studio Finish Concealer!!! I am in love with his concealer girls! It hides dark circles under your eyes and gives you an overall bright eyed, fresh look! It costs about $17 but lasts for about 6 months! :)

Next on my list, Victoria's Secret Ravishing Love collection. I just received the set as a birthday present from my Aunt and it's truly my new favorite! It's a beautiful blend of pomegranate, blackberry and lilac! So refreshing, relaxing and smooth!b You will love this collection.

Hope you enjoyed my Marvelous Monday Favorite Things! Enjoy your day! :)

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing! Does the Mac concealer give you any break out trouble? I never break out except when I wear makeup and I'm trying to find some sort of foundation that will not freak out my skin!

Making The Most of Each Day said...

I love Mac concealer. Since menopause hit me, I have huge dark circles under my eyes and Mac hides most of the darkness. Just use very little. It goes a long way. I put tiny little dots (4 of them) and then blend them in with a clean finger. I think the sponges irritate your skin.
Sarah's mom, Robin