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Monday, March 28, 2011


This past Saturday my best friend Summer and my wonderful Aunt Becky gave me a fabulous baby shower!! We all had so much fun! We invited about 30 of my dear friends. Summer outdid herself making all the excellent food, making a beautiful cake and decorating the entire hall! Summer has a talented, kind and beautiful friend Michelle. Summer and Michelle have started their own party planning business! I'm so excited for them to be setting off on this adventure and sharing their talent with others. Check out their blog at get them to plan your next party! Michelle is also a photographer and her work is gorgeous! So, sorry folks I couldn't decide if I should put up the pictures I took from the shower or wait for Michelle's BEAUTIFUL pictures! I decided to wait! I'm hoping to have them up in a new post later this week! So, today I am sharing my baby nesting pictures with you!!

I'm sure we are all familiar with the term or phrase, "she's nesting". The nesting period refers to a time where a pregnant mommy-to-be begins to plan and prepare her home for her newborn baby. Just as a mother bird would build her nest for her new little chicks. Well folks, today I am in full nesting mode!!! After two weekends of baby showers and beautiful gifts, I am spending today washing, folding and fluffing baby clothes. Last night Rich set up our baby swing. I am putting away soft baby blankets, sweet little socks and diapers galore!!!! I thought I would share a few pictures from today's nesting event at our house!

Baby Swing From my Mom (Grandma Robin). Rich and I set it up last night.

Tons of baby boy clothes!! My living room once all the gifts from shower #2 were brought into the house!!!
It looks like I'm a baby clothes hoarder haha This was such a sweet gift from our friends The Mcfaul family! Rich just loved it too!! It is a Tonka truck filled with fake grass and baby socks rolled up into little flowers! Then Spencer one of the Mcfaul boys wrote a letter to our little Robbie explaining how much fun he had with his Tonka truck when he was little! Yay baby socks, we needed these!!!
Mrs. Mcfaul had each of her children give Robbie a copy of their favorite book with a picture of them and a letter explaining why that particular book was their favorite!

Summer made these beautiful bibs and diaper coveres for my little guy!
Just some of the many fun gifts and baby items I am nesting with today! ;)

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Tiffany said...

Look at all that baby stuff!!! You must be having so much fun going through it all! A friend of ours got Cole a Tonka truck at my baby shower as well. He loves it even though he is still a bit too small to use it.

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

What wonderful surprises you were graced with!
Summer must have worked for months!!!!
And your Aunt Becky, (always there for you!)
It was a most eventful, joyful, and beautiful afternoon.
I cannot wait to see Michelle's pictures!
Dear Judy, we love EWE too!
Summer will get famous for her EXCELLENT party planning.
If any of you are planning a party in LA surrounding areas; this truly is the planner for you. Her detail to personalization is INCREDIBLE!!