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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Preparing For Christmas

She's getting ready for Christmas.

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10 More Days Until Christmas!
It's Tuesday already?! Wow, the days seem to just be flying past us now. I really do feel that this year, my little family and I have truly been enjoying the Christmas season all December long. We have been cuddling in our den in the evenings and enjoying hot chocolate, ( "With marshmallows" Robbie told me to tell you!) while watching Christmas movies. We celebrate our nightly advent ritual of lighting a candle, reading a scripture and devotion and singing Christmas songs. Our days have been filled with crafts, playing in the rain, visiting Santa and preparing for Christmas ! The most important preparation for Christmas this year has taken place within our hearts.

Let's Pray - 1952 book, illustrations by Charlot Byj. | eBay 
Robbie really "gets" Christmas this year! My little man is especially interested in the story of Jesus' birth and preparing for the celebration of His arrival each night as we approach Christmas.
Budget wise, this Christmas has been our most frugal spending year yet! With a hubby as a full time law student and three little ones, we feel blessed to have each other this year. I have made most of my gifts and it has been a true homemade Christmas and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I hope each of you is taking the time this Christmas season to enjoy your loved ones.

We have a Jingle sighting...

We last blogged about Jingle on Thursday and so, we will pick up with last Friday's Jingle sighting!

Jingle Day # 12

Robbie stayed the night with Gigi and Grandpa last Friday, so Jingle made a trip to Monrovia and left Robbie this adorable Elf On The Shelf blanket. Jingle made sure Robbie was all cuddled up and Robbie has slept with this blanket every night since!

Jingle Day # 13 

On Saturday morning, that little stinker, Jingle, was coloring in a new Charlie Brown coloring book that he brought for Robbie . I guess Jingle's favorite color is blue also!
Jingle Day # 14
On Sunday morning before church, we found our Jingle kneeling by the manger.
he also left Robbie a copy of The Little Drummer Boy movie.
Jingle Day 15
Yesterday was Monday and we found our sneaky little Jingle sitting in a Solo plastic cup castle!
That little elf rummaged through our cupboards and took all of our plastic cups! Silly Jingle!
Jingle Day # 16
Well this morning we heard lots of noises in our bathroom... Robbie ran into our room and we both knew it was Jingle!
He took Daddy's shaving cream and started shaving!!
 Robbie thought this was just about the funniest thing ever!
 Jingle also left a few new Cars undies for Robbie!
 31 busy days hath December.
I found this cute little vintage list of things to do in December. Thought you might get a kick out of it!
Tis' The Season!

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