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Sunday, December 21, 2014

My List Of Christmas Must Haves

It's the last weekend before Christmas! I am sure each of you has a weekend full of  Christmas parties, shopping, baking Christmas cookies and making memories with your loved ones. What a wonderful time of year. Recently, I was asked to write a post for a company called Man Crates. For those of you who aren't familiar with Man Crates, they are a company who makes an amazing gift product for that special man in your life. Man Crates ships brag-worthy, fun and manly gifts for your fellow. Man Crates holds true to their name. When you order a man crate, you will receive a wooden crate that comes with an engraved crowbar. Your special guy will get to show off a little, by opening his gift. Your man will use the crowbar to open the box and find all of the goodies inside. Man Crates is not only fun, but also has a large variety of contents and themes to choose from. You can choose to fill your Man Crate with one of the following themed treats... The Whisky Crate, The Cigar Crate, The Gamer Crate, The Slaughterhouse meat crate, The Golfers Crate and so much more

Man Crates has asked me to share about the top, must have things that I simply cannot live without this Christmas! Well, aside from the given of the love of my family, friends and special people in my life, I simply cannot do without the following items this Christmas:

I just love the sounds of the holidays... I know you do too! Who doesn't enjoy a good Christmas song? A Christmas song can take you back in time and help you remember a special Christmas from your past! Christmas Music sets the theme for my home during the holidays. With so many different Christmas albums to choose from, this year, you will here the following must have Christmas albums on my IPod and around my home...

Let's face it, the man is a vocal genius with a voice like no other!
Okay, now that we have background music to set the mood for
our holiday season, let's talk something sweet and delicious.
I love to make Christmas cookies during this time of year. Spending an entire day baking with my little ones is a day made in heaven for me! I know not all of us enjoy the process of baking, but love the end product! We can't all be Martha Stewart right? Well, for those of you who have a sweet tooth like me, but want to cut out the middle process, I give you...

Mrs. Fields cookies!

We just received one of these gorgeous boxes full of Mrs. Fields cookies; cookie cakes, hot chocolate and candies. I have literally had to ration it out for my husband and three year old little boy! The cookies are do die for and oh so moist and chewy!!!

Okay readers, if you have little ones in the room, this portion of the blog is rated A.E.S for Adult Elf Supervision. Proceed with caution, Elf On The Shelf Information being given... At our house, Christmas just isn't Christmas without a visit from our Elf On The Shelf, Jingle! I have three little boys and this is our second year doing Elf on The Shelf as a family. My husband and I love our elf, Jingle just as much as the kids do. We have the best time coming up with different ideas and adventures for Jingle. If you have little ones at home, I highly recommend adopting an elf this Christmas... it's not too late, six days until Christmas!

No Christmas is complete, in my mind at least, without a few Christmas movie nights! We do family movie nights with the kids showing all of the classic Christmas cartoons like Frosty and Rudolph and Charlie Brown. I love all of those, but I'm talking about some of the Classic Christmas comedies for the big kid in all of us.
Here are a few of my favorites...

It's A Wonderful Life

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


Four Christmases

Miracle On 34th Street

The Holiday

The Family Stone


Meet Me In St. Louis

Little Women

The Family Man

Okay, now that we have our music, our tummies are full and we are ready to get warm and snuggly with a good Christmas movie, let's talk about keeping warm...

I love the winter months because it is a great time to use all of the beautiful scarves and hats that I have collected throughout the years.

Every year, my mom, AKA... Grandma Gigi, makes all of us a scarf and hat set for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Next, We love warm and cozy chenille socks around here. My family always fills each stocking with beautiful socks at Christmas, which are inexpensive and very much appreciated and used.

Finally, last but not least...

No Christmas would be complete without a beautiful, sparkling, Christmas tree to give light and warmth to a home.

Of course the greatest gift and the one thing I love the most at the holidays and all year round are these four guys right here...

Merry Christmas to all!

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