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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

Twas  the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring ... only Jingle, our Elf!

Our stockings were hung, by the chimney with care, the ones that Gigi made for us, with so much love and care

Rich is watching football, the babies are asleep.

I'm trying to blog, as my tea sits and steeps. Jingle has been quite busy these past few days, as have we! The picture at the top of this post is from my favorite book version of The Night Before Christmas, Illustrated by Mary Engelbreit. I have been reading this book to Robbie almost every night this week!

A Look Back At Our Week With Jingle ...

Jingle Day # 23

This morning, we found our Jingle proudly sitting in our living room wearing a little Christmas sweater and holding a big, beautiful Reindeer Gold Medal. Jingle left Robbie a note saying that he was on  his way to an ugly Christmas sweater party with all of the elves, but before he went, he wanted to give Robbie the medal he and Rudolph won yesterday at The Reindeer Run! Each year, Santa holds a Reindeer Run Race to see which reindeer are the fastest. The nine reindeer to place are then given a spot on leading Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. Jingle was riding Rudolph this year in the race and he and Rudolph decided that they wanted to give their medal to Robbie! What a big surprise! Robbie was so excited, that he wore his medal all day and even shared it with the twins Physical Therapist at the twins helmet adjustment appointment.

Jingle Day # 22

On Monday, we found Jingle, sitting in Jacob's car seat. Jingle was all strapped in and ready to go on a ride around town! there was a little note with him. Jingle asked Robbie to take him on a ride in his Reindeer car and to the park! So that's just what we did!

Jingle Day # 21

When we woke-up on Sunday, we found Jingle all ready to bake in our kitchen.

Jingle left all sorts of baking goodies for us!

Robbie and I had so much fun baking Jingle cookies to leave for Santa.

On Sunday, we also had a Last Sunday of Advent/ Christmas Caroling party at our house. We invited our very close friends, Miss Aimee, Miss Liz, Angelica and Christian. We also had both sets of Grandparents and all of us. We had a blast enjoying chili and baked potatoes, fresh Mexican bread, warm hot cocoa as we caroled and looked at all of the beautiful Christmas lights in our city!

What fun memories for these small ones!

Jingle Day # 20

On Saturday, we woke-up and found Jingle in our car. That adorable elf had decorated our car to look like Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer!


On Saturday evening, we went to Grandma Carla and Grandpa Ken's house for a yummy dinner and to see a live Nativity! Robbie and I loved the live Nativity!!!! There were real Camels, donkeys, horses, lambs, sheep , chickens, llamas and bunnys! I highly recommend you try to find one in your area!

After the nativity, we all went back to Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's for hot chocolate in Grandma Carla's famous Santa mugs and to watch The Polar Express! Such a fun night!

Jingle Day # 19

On Friday Morning, our little Jingle was just sitting in his sleigh on top of our mantel with a letter from Santa! Robbie was so thrilled that Santa responded so quickly within one day!!
Here is what the letter said...

Dear Robbie,
Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas! Mrs. Claus and I were watching the
snow fall last night as we gobbled up some of her delicious sugar
cookies. No one bakes better cookies than Mrs. Claus! As we sipped our
hot cocoa we talked about you and how much you’ve grown. It made us
both smile at the same time and we wished you could be here to have
some cookies and cocoa with us. But you will probably be getting plenty
of that at home this time of year. Don’t forget to eat your vegetables too,
so that you’ll keep on growing up big and strong.
You should see the elves right now. They are working with the reindeer
to get in some flying practice with the sleigh so everyone will be ready
for the big night. In the workshop, the elves are busy putting bows and
ribbons in every color of the rainbow on all the different packages. It is a
lot of work, but they are having a blast.
I wanted to write and tell you how excited I am from reviewing my
Naughty and Nice Report. I see that you, Joey Christensen and Jacob
Christensen are on my Nice List again this year. That is wonderful! I
also see that you have asked for an A Rocket Ship Space Station for
Christmas. The elves and I will do our best to pack that in our sleigh
this year so that we can have it to you on Christmas Eve.
You are growing up so fast. Mrs. Claus and I are amazed that you
turned 3 on May 5th. Goodness, how the time flies! There is no doubt
that you are bringing a lot of joy to those around you just by being your
wonderful self. The next time you see your Grandparents, give them a
big smile and a warm Christmas hug. They certainly must be having a
fun time watching you grow.
Well, Robbie, I've certainly had fun writing to you. I’ll be sure to stop
by your house this Christmas Eve with your goodies. Mrs. Claus
wanted me to remind your family to give you a great big hug from us.
Have a very Merry Christmas!


On Friday, Robbie took a little day trip to our local planetarium, The Griffith Observatory. Robbie has become very interested in the planets and space. He even asked Santa for a Rocket ship for Christmas.

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, we took the boys to have their picture taken with Santa. I don't know if Santa was quite ready to handle holding three little boys on his lap! Robbie was so EXCITED to meet Santa!!! The entire day all he could talk about was Santa and how he wondered how Santa would look, how would he talk? How would he smell? haha. Robbie even picked out what clothes he would wear for the picture and practiced how he would smile. Well, once we arrived to take our picture with Santa, a certain little three year old who was so excited while waiting in line, became star struck when he actually met Santa and so, here is the first ever picture of Santa with my three boys. All three including Santa look a little scared! :)

Jingle Day # 18

Let's see... On Thursday, Robbie wrote a letter to Santa and we waited until Daddy was all done with school to mail it at the Macy's.

Well that was our week with Jingle!
We also made peppermint candy ornaments with Gigi...

Robbie also made a city of Bethlehem ornament at Sunday School.

My three little elves have been really enjoying the season!

We set-up Robbie's little toy train around our Christmas tree.

We are going to Rich's parents tonight for dinner and we are going to be with my parents tomorrow.
More tomorrow.
Merry Christmas Eve friends!

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