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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jingle Update

647 50s Deer at The time.  Vintage Christmas Greeting Card .  Brings memories of simpler days
Hello friends! Whew... it has been a very busy past few days. Our days have been filled with two teething babies, two little crawlers, lots of outdoor play, park days, Christmas Parades, Advent, knitting with good friends and of course, our little Elf, Jingle!
We last posted about Jingle's 3rd visit to our home... today, we will pick up with Jingle's fourth visit.
Jingle Day # 4

On Thursday morning, we woke-up to find Jingle sitting in our living room all tangled up in Christmas lights! Silly little elf! Jingle was wearing a little Christmas lights necklace around his neck.
There was a note that told us that the Christmas light necklace was for Robbie to wear to the Christmas Parade that night. Jingle also told us that the necklace was made out of the tiny Christmas lights that Jingle has strung all around his Christmas tree back home, at the North Pole!

Jingle told Robbie that Jesus is known as being the light of the world and that we must be little lights that shine for Him!


Later that night, I took all of my babies to a local Christmas Parade and Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Robbie wore his Christmas light necklace and had a blast!

At the end of the parade, a certain someone made an appearance!
Robbie was so excited!!!

Jingle Day # 5

On Friday morning, we found Jingle sitting there on the telephone. He left two very valuable things for Robbie. He left the Key to Santa's workshop and house in the North Pole, where all of the toys are made! Jingle left the key for Robbie last year as well. The instructions stated that Robbie is to take very good care of  Santa's key. On Christmas Eve, Robbie is to leave the key out at our house before bed for Santa.

Jingle also left a phone number, not just any old phone number, SANTA'S Phone number! Jingle said that two of his Elf cousins, Elf  Ginny and Elf  Drushelle, were told by Santa to have Jingle give Robbie this very special phone number!

We called Santa that evening, and Robbie was able to hear a special message from him!
What an exciting phone call!!

Jingle Day # 6

On Saturday morning, our Jingle left a movie night surprise for us along with instructions.


Jingle left the Elf on The Shelf movie, popcorn and cute little popcorn cups! We were told to share the love and fun with Gigi and Grandpa! We are working on sharing in our house and this was the perfect lesson.

Gigi came and surprised Robbie with these fun Jingle Jammies to wear during the movie!!!

Such a fun time!

Jingle Day # 7

On Sunday, Jingle left a little elf hat for Robbie to wear throughout the Christmas season and spread a little Christmas cheer to others!

Robbie loves the hat and has been wearing it all around town telling EVERYONE he meets, Merry Christmas! We also watched Frosty The Snowman Saturday night and want to thank Miss Aimee, Angelica and Christian for the adorable Snowmen jammies!!!

Jingle Day # 8
On Monday morning, we found Jingle and Elmo under our Christmas Tree in the middle of a serious game of Connect Four!

Jingle left an adorable matching cookie game.

 We have now played it several times and it is such fun!

Jingle Day # 9
On Tuesday, Jingle went fishing in our living room!! Can you believe it!!

We found Jingle fishing for Goldfish crackers in Mommy's Waterford Crystal Candy Bowl!! Good thing Jingle didn't break it! Jingle had created a whole winter wonderland right in the middle of our living room. He even brought one of his penguin friends from the North Pole!

Robbie loved this of course, but he especially loved the fishy crackers!

Good work Jingle!!!
I will share Jingle Day # 10 tomorrow. We had quite a busy day with Robbie at the dentist... more on that tomorrow. Sleep well everyone! :)



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