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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Welcome November! 

Before I share about our Halloween, I want to take a moment to say goodbye to October and welcome in November. Fall, you have officially arrived in our town! Yesterday was cold and yet sunny with patches of rain clouds all over. The kids and I had the best day! We put on our winter coats and knit hats and took a walk down to our local farmers market as we crunched the leaves under our feet. We baked bread, we made soup and we did a Fall art project! As I went to bed last night, my body was tired and my heart was full with memories from the day.

We baked yummy banana bread and made split pea soup!

I cherish yesterday, snuggling and enjoying a beautiful chilly fall day with my three little boys.

We missed our Saturday with Daddy because he went to his Reserve unit's Marine Corp Birthday Ball. I stayed home with the kiddos, because both babies are teething and I felt it was just too much to put on my parents to ask them to watch two grumpy babies. :) Either way, I was still happy to see my Marine in uniform! ;)

Yesterday, Robbie and Gigi made these fun crayon stained glass leaves for our window to welcome in November, Thanksgiving and the Harvest Month.

I originally started to write all about our Halloween in a post that I started on Halloween night... so here it is.

It is almost midnight on Halloween 2014. We had quite an eventful afternoon and evening. As Rich and I sit here watching The Tonight Show with three sleeping babies in the house. I am sure that each one of them is dreaming about the wonders of the day.  In fact, our Halloween really started about a week ago, when my mom and I began to work on making three little costumes for the boys.

On Thursday evening, we took the boys to an amazing event called Rise of The Jack O' Lanterns!

Rise Of The Jack O' Lanterns is a truly amazing event put on by Descanso Gardens in La Canada California each year.

There were over 5,000 lit Jack O' Lanterns... some were shaped like dinosaurs,
 others looked like celebrities,

 even planets and of course, the really BIG stars like Mickey!

We couldn't believe that EVERYTHING was made out of pumpkins! We had a wonderful time!
My mom made the kids these adorable pumpkin hats plus one candy corn hat. When we first arrived at the event, I wanted to get a picture of the three kids smiling with their cute little hats on... but, just as children typically do, not all of my three little darlings were cooperating... thus resulting in this photo below...

Oh well, I'll settle for this one.
A candy corn and two little pumpkins.

Hi Gigi and Grandpa!

It was a good night, a great memory and a new Halloween tradition for our little family.

Halloween Day

We had, what was to us, the most perfect Halloween ... it was gray outside with threatening rain clouds and a cool crisp to the air that made us all bundle-up for trick-or-treating!

Here is a picture of all three of my little pumpkins on their first Halloweens!

This year I dressed the boys as a theme.

We had The Squirrel ...

Complete with Puffy tail.. thank you Gigi!!!

We also had the two little nuttiest nuts I know ...
The Acorns
Joey & Jake

And of course all three together...

I think Robbie was making his best squirrel face in this picture!

My Mom crocheted the little acorn hats for the babies.

In the evening, Rich and I took all three little ones out Trick- Or-Treating in Gigi's neighborhood. Robbie just loved running up to the neighbors doors and saying Trick-Or-Treat!
Here are my little acorns all snuggly in the stroller ready to go!

As we were driving home at the end of the night, we looked back in the car and found a sleepy, happy  little squirrel!

The end to a perfect night!
Hope your Halloween was eventful!

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Anna said...

I've never heard of an event like the jack'o lantern event you all attended. It sounds so fun!