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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Little of This and A Little of That...

Have you ever had one of those days that you just know will be a lasting memory in your heart and mind forever? Well, Thursday was one of those days for me. One of my October goals was to take Robbie and the babies to the park two times a week. Throughout the month, we have kept up with our little goal and have happily spent our mornings in the park chasing orange and yellow leaves from the falling Maple trees, kicking the Soccer ball back and forth and allowing the babies to roll and attempt their crawling skills on our large quilt, which we lay out on the lush grass.

On this particular Thursday morning, I had several errands to run and so our park play day had to wait until the early afternoon. The children and I asked Gigi if she would join us for an afternoon of lunch and play at our favorite park. We allowed Robbie to climb a tree house play structure on the playground which was filled with a few other little boys. Robbie is a little social butterfly on the playground these days. He loves to make new friends. All the mamas and a few nannies were sitting on benches that surrounded the play area. I overheard Robbie's conversation with a few of the other little boys. It went like this;
Robbie: "Hi! My name is Robbie, what's yours? I'm three, how old are you boys ?"
All of these little boys were older than Robbie and between four and six years old.
The little boys were telling Robbie all about Ninjas. In fact, the topic of Ninjas was really all that these little boys could talk about. I will admit, we have kept a pretty sheltered little man and I like it that way. When it comes to secular television that is beyond the realms of Disney Junior, PBS Kids and a few other programs, my little guy is clueless. Robbie doesn't know of things like Ninjas, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Spider Man and all the comic book stuff. We are much more of a Caillou, Curious George, Max & Ruby, Mickey Mouse kind of family.

The little boys welcomed Robbie in their play and Robbie was thrilled. The boys found a common ground attempting different ways to slide down the large tree house slide.

This is when the golden moment happened for me. I heard Robbie ask the boys, "Do you go to church?" One little boys said no and the other two asked what church was? Robbie kept on and this time said, " Well I go to Bible school on Wednesday's with my Mommy. Do you go to Bible School too?" The little boys all said no and a few of them shared that they went to Kindergarten and Preschool. As these little darlings were all sharing and comparing their pride of school, sports and Ninjas, while establishing their manhood. My little relentless Robbie just didn't stop. We heard Robbie ask yet another question, Robbie: " Well, do you know Jesus? Jesus is a really good man and he wrote the Bible." ( As he was saying this he opened up his little hands as if to show a book and described the Bible.) Robbie: "The Bible is a very good book and it tells you what to do."

Oh my goodness! As a mommy that feels so overtired, overworked and at times very unappreciated, this one shining, golden moment made all of my efforts worth while! Thank you, God!
So, you never know... I might have a little preacher on my hands. Ha ha, my little evangelist! :)

After playing at the park for hours, we headed back to the car with an entourage of strollers, balls, blankest and babies. We met an adorable twin mama who had parked right next to us. This sweet lady had the most beautiful fraternal boy twins who were eleven months old! It was so refreshing and enjoyable to chat with another twin mama who understands EVERYTHING! I know people mean well, but often times I am told by mothers who have children close in age or more than one child, how much they relate to me as a mother and my responsibilities, sleepless nights and overall work of having twins. I am grateful for their compassion, but I think you really have to be a Mom of twins to fully understand what it is like day in and day out!!! What is that age old saying, "You never truly know someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." And because, I truly do mean this with a humble heart, the same quote applies to me as well.

Above is a photo of the band looking out my living room window.

When we arrived home, it was time for snacks and naps. Just as I put the boys down for their afternoon nap, my Mom said she heard drums in the distance. We live very close to a high school and on Thursdays the high school marching band has begun their practice in preparation for the Rose Parade. We live just a few streets away from the Rose Parade route. My mom and I enjoyed our afternoon listening to the marching band.

God has been showing me that the ordinary can be magnificent!
It was a good and exciting day enjoying the simple life!


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