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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let's Go Fly A Kite

It always seems to be that just when I sit down with my laptop to write to you all, (my dear readers), that is the time when someone needs something. Which explains my absence over the past week or so. Mr. Robert is settled and napping, (I am happy to report that Robert's naps have jumped back up to lasting about three hours each afternoon! No complaints from this busy mama of three!) The twins are enjoying a tummy time/ afternoon nap and I am sitting here listening to an instrumental version of "I'm In The Mood For Love" by Robert Farnon as I sip on a cool glass of Raspberry Iced Tea. I love afternoons like today. The house is clean and well put together,( which is a rarity these days), the children are napping and I have time to do what I love to do best...write! So now, I will share a page from our adventures from a few weeks past. I am just now getting around to writing about our very windy day... the day Robbie flew his first kite!

... We all know the words to this ever so popular song from the classic Disney movie, Mary Poppins.

8 x 10 Lets Go Fly A Kite Set Digital File
A few weeks ago, we experienced a very windy day! We loaded-up all three kids and headed to the Rose Bowl parking lot field to go fly a kite! We had a wonderful time!

Just look at the look of excitement and pure joy on this little boy's face!!
We bought this fun little kite for Robbie!
Have I mentioned that we LOVE Jake around here?
Love these photos of Robbie and Daddy trying out the kite for the first time!

Now it's Robbie's turn!

 The babies and I had so much fun watching big brother!

Such a beautiful, crisp, clear Pasadena day.

Look! Can you see our kite?
Here is Jake...

... and Joey!
Oh, and of course Gigi!
Such a wonderful day! Sometimes the simple things in life provide the greatest pleasure! :)
Oh and speaking of Gigi, I forgot to put up this picture of one proud Gigi with her three boys! :)

 We are off on another adventure today!
We are going to head over to visit these cool big guys...
Oh yes, dinosaurs are very popular at our house these days!!!!
Love being a boy mom! :)

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