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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rainy Day Happenings...

... We love cold, rainy, gray, snuggly Saturday's around here! It is the kind of Saturday that begs to be a  Pajama day... which is just fine with me! We have been painting and playing all morning!

Above you have Mr. Robert's "Firetruck". 

In fact, it has been quite rainy here in Southern California... which is a good thing, because we desperately needed it! Due to some of the recent wildfires in our area... along with flash flood warnings, some streets in our city have been forced to a mandatory evacuation because of the concern of mudslides. Luckily, both my parent's home and ours, (which are both at the base of the Foothills),  have not been evacuated. We have however enjoyed many walks in the rain with one little boy who loves to put on his boots and jump in mud puddles!

Twin Update 

Yesterday, I had another doctor appointment for the twins as well as my second NST (Non-Stress Test). The babies looked wonderful! Joey, (who is head down on the right side of my body), was not as cooperative as Jacob. After eating a candy bar, drinking a little ice water and having the nurse ring a loud buzzer next to my tummy, we woke my little sleepy guy up and got that spike in heart rate that we needed. The doctor said the boys are each around 6 lbs at this point, if not a little over and that I am carrying over...  ...12 pounds of  BABY!!!! Whew... just typing that out exhausts me. ha ha! This weight doesn't even include placentas or water, but we are hanging on and thanking God every minute along the way ;) . My doctor expressed that she would love to see me make it another two weeks or so, but she is thinking my water will break before then and I will naturally go into labor on my own. So now, we wait... and wait... everyone keeps watching me like a ticking time bomb. I am 35 weeks as of  this past Thursday and feeling as if I am 45 weeks!

Little Buttons Embroidery

My dear friend Lisa, a fellow military (Air Force) wife  has started a business with her Mom called,
 Little Buttons Embroidery! I am a fan and I just love their products!
Below is a photo of Lisa and me at a lunch with our Bible Study group of ladies back in 2010! 

Lisa is a devoted Air Force wife and loving mother to two little cuties!!

About a week ago, I ordered this adorable monogrammed make-up case from Lisa at Little Buttons. This morning it arrived in the mail and just in time, as I am packing my hospital bags! 

Here is my beautiful new cosmetic case! 

Lots of space and made so well! Notice my initials, so beautifully done.

Lisa was so thoughtful by gifting me with these two adorable burp cloths for the twins! 

I can think of so many times when I have been invited to a baby shower and have wanted to give a unique gift that the mommy to be would just love. Well, Little Buttons has everything you can imagine to make your baby gift one of a kind! Her prices are so reasonable and the products are well made! I cannot express enough, just how great it is receiving something personal as a gift. Just look at some of their adorable products...

Levi burpes

Reindeer Applique Tee



So WHAT are YOU waiting for??? Check out Little Buttons Embroidery  today by clicking on the link. 

... I am trying to get completely organized for this trip to the hospital/ twin delivery! 
I had a burst of energy this week and washed all of my preemie and newborn clothes, made a huge $300 shopping trip to Target and got to packing our bags for the hospital! 

Gathering everything...

Organizing and sorting...

... I decided it would be best and probably easiest to label and place/categorize the freshly washed Preemie and Newborn clothes into large one gallon size zip-lock bags. Because I am not completely sure of just how large or small the boys will be when they are born...I have packed three preemie outfits for both Joey and Jake as well as three newborn size outfits for each of them. I also packed a total of four receiving blankets, ( two for each baby), along with pacifiers, my breast pump, lots, and I do mean LOTS of diapers, wipes, socks and beanies! 

Packing For Robbie ...

My Mom and Dad will be keeping Robbie while I spend a few nights in the hospital after having the twins. Robbie has been around them while we have been renovating our house. He is quite used to the idea of spending time, and snuggling with Gigi and playing with Grandpa Ray. I feel at ease knowing my little guy will be well taken care of while I am away. This will be Robbie's first time ever spending a night away from me. I know he is in good hands! In my attempt to make things a little easier on my Mom, I have packed several complete outfits and P.J's for Robbie to wear while I am in the hospital. Robbie received about five or six different "Big Brother" shirts and so, I have paired them with different pants and shorts to complete an outfit for each day that I am away. :)

I have also packed Robbie's diaper bag with an extra change of clothes, underwear, Pull-ups, wipes, snacks, DVD player, movies, juice boxes, sweater, crayons, coloring books, toy trucks, books and my Kindle... all to keep my active little guy busy, ( and to keep Gigi's sanity),  while waiting to meet his new brothers! 

I found these fun busy bag ideas for toddlers on Pinterest... let's just say I might be making a trip to my craft store tomorrow to make some of these cute busy activities. 

So here we are, all packed and ready to go, should I go into labor. I feel as if a huge weight is lifted off of my shoulders now that we are packed and ready... now we just need to get those car seats in our car this weekend and I will be one happy pregnant lady! :) 

If you are expecting, here is a hospital packing list I stumbled upon. 

Hospital Bag Packing List

I am off to bed and so excited for tomorrow's Academy Awards Show!
Blessings and if you live in Southern California, STAY DRY!


Lisa said...

Thank you Sarah! So happy you like them! Blessing to you and your boys! Can't wait to see their sweet little faces!
Love, Lisa

Sahara said...

Congratulations! I always get the excitement I had on my first pregnancy until the third. God bless you :)