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We are honored to be serving our country and ask for prayer in our upcoming adventures. We have been blessed tremendously, and thank God everyday for all he has given us!




Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ...

Pretty & Happy ...

... I will start today's post with my Happy, which, as you scroll down to see the picture of me below is also kinda my funny for the week! :) We are thrilled and so HAPPY... as of tomorrow, I am 35 weeks into this pregnancy with our precious twin boys! Our doctor told me yesterday that we are now, "Out of the woods" with this pregnancy and that the babies could come at anytime and in her opinion, be just fine! I would still love to keep them in another week or two or let's be honest... at least until after Sunday's Oscar show! ;) 

We are so eternally grateful to our Lord Jesus for keeping these babies safe this long! We are also so blessed to have had the prayers from each of you! 

Non-Stress Test Tuesday 
(Funny) ...

... Here I am yesterday having my first Non-Stress Test for the twins. We checked into the hospital around 2:00 p.m and the test rook about 45 minutes. Both babies were very active and getting quite large. Which is a great thing... as you can tell in the photo below, so am I, ( With somewhere around 11 pounds of baby in my tummy !! (See, I told you this is my Funny Picture).

 Here is Rich looking thrilled that I am taking yet another picture and documenting every step of this pregnancy. Ha ha! Thank you Hun for telling me I'm beautiful everyday and making me feel special at a time where I am so HUGE and TIRED and growing WEARY and SO ready to have these babies. You keep cheering me on and encouraging me to keep a good spirit and focus on keeping these babies safe as each day passes. :) 

Here is a view from my side of the bed... I can no longer see my feet! :) 

The doctor also came in and checked my cervix and we are still good at a solid 2 cm! The twins and I will be having these NST , (Non-Stress Tests) twice a week along with an OB doctor visit every week from here on out. 


... Reality has set-in this week, as I spent most of today and I have big plans to finish-up tomorrow washing, folding, packing newborn clothes, hospital bags and getting things like clothes, toys and games ready for Robbie and Gigi to have ready during my five day stay in the hospital when the boys arrive. 

Well that is my short post for today. 
Goodnight Friends! 

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