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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our Life Lately....

Happy Thursday, here is the last post I wrote before delivering the twins. I wrote this the day before I had Joey and Jake. With all the surprise and excitement, I never had a chance to post it. So let's throwback this Thursday to a little over a week ago!
Well friends, life has been quite busy, (to say the least), around here lately! Last Friday, I had my 36 week doctor appointment along with another NST, (Non-Stress Test). Both baby boys looked great and were active and healthy. The doctor estimated that they now weigh over 6 1/2 lbs. times that by two, plus each placenta weighs around 2 lbs. plus the amniotic fluid weighs around 2 lbs. each, and then don't forget the uterine enlargement weight of around 3 lbs. that is a grand total of 24 lbs. in my VERY pregnant tummy! Whew!
 My doctor checked my progression on Friday and discovered I was 3 cm dilated and 100% effaced!!!! My sweet doctor guessed that these little guys would naturally cause me to go into labor on their own within the next three to five days... that was three days ago, so now we sit and wait!! I am scheduled for another NST tomorrow afternoon and maybe we will have a little more information on how much more I have dilated and just when these little guys will be making their grand arrival! I will be 37 weeks this Thursday... thank you friends for all of your continued prayers! Things are getting BIG and cramped and I'm not sure how much longer my tummy will hold out before having these little guys?!
We Joined The Minivan Club ... We Officially Are Grown-Ups !

I am so excited, because.... we bought a mini van on Saturday !!! I love it and what is even more surprising, is that my husband LOVES the van!!!! That's right... remember my husband? Mr. I don't want a mini van ever!!! Well, now he is rocking the Vantasy! How we found this van is such a blessing from God. We were in the market for a used minivan ... we had decided on a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna. I happened to be shopping at the grocery store in our home town when I discovered that I had parked right next to a beautiful Honda Odyssey that was for sale by the original owners! I immediately grabbed my cell phone and gave the owners a call. They told me they were the original owners and the van had very little millage on it. I set-up a time to meet with them that afternoon. Once we drove-up to meet the owners of the van, I immediately recognized them! I had been their son's third grade teacher back in 2007!!! What are the chances? We started chatting and reminiscing about old times. We ended-up purchasing the van from them for a reasonable price, we paid cash and are very happy that we now own the car outright. Things are good! We had prayed for the Lord to bring us the right car in his timing and once again, HE more than answered our prayers!

 So this is pretty much our life now... three car seats, two diaper bags ...
 ... and thank goodness for the DVD player!! :)
 Robbie loves, "his new minivan" and right away welcomed it into our family by spilling fishy crackers. Ha ha I am sure the first of many spills that this car will receive from our boys over the next few years! :) 
Back to the present. Well friends, I will leave you today with a picture of Joseph and Jacob! Welcome to our family boys! Your Mama is the crazy lady with the camera who documents EVERYTHING! We love you and we prayed for you! :)
Pleased To Meet You ...
Joseph Michael Christensen
( Older Brother By One Minute)

Jacob Jonathan Christensen
(Baby Brother)


Auntie Summer said...

oh my GOODNESS!! I can't wait to meet these handsome boys!! :D

Susanne said...

Congratulations. I love hearing about God's faithfulness with provide a new car and healthy babies. All of your boys are adorable. Blessings as you all get settled in to your new routine.