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Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Three Sons

I am somewhat caught-up with my duties this afternoon, which is why I have a free minute to FINALLY sit-down and blog about those three little men that you see in the picture above. Those three boys have stolen my heart and added a light to my life that is indescribable! While I was in the hospital, I had a handful of truly wonderful nurses. One nurse in particular was named Bucket, I don't know if this was a pet-name, or one of those fun, wealthy people nick-names like Muffy or Buffy. Bucket thought it was just the best thing in the whole world that I now have three sons. In fact, every time Bucket walked into my hospital room, she would start humming or singing the theme song to the popular 1960's television show, "My Three Sons". 

So of course, I googled the show and have been watching old episodes on you tube just for fun! My Three Sons is the title of my post for today, because it is kinda the theme of my life these days! Growing-up, I never really thought that I would be a "Boy Mom". It's not that I didn't see myself having sons, it's just that I have always been so girly and frilly and a lover of anything pink kind-of-girl, that I just assumed that I would naturally have little girls who wold love, and be interested in all the same sort of things. I never really thought about dump-trucks, fire trucks, anything trucks really! Legos, blocks, pirates, super heroes, jumping in mud puddles or building cool forts; hadn't been in my imagination... and yet now, all of these kinds of things are all I can think about! I am honored that the Lord chose me and Rich to raise three little boys into men! It is at times, a bit overwhelming and there have been days where I have just started crying, because I don't want to fail, then there are days where I am so excited and thrilled at the possibility of raising Christian leaders for the next generation. I am so thankful to be the Mama of my three sons. Rich and I take our responsibility very seriously. 

Our first week home has been a doosey! Thank goodness for my Mom... Gigi has come to the rescue many times this week for our family. We officially moved into our house last week when I arrived home from the hospital after having the boys. We are still in the process of painting our kitchen along with the outside of the house, but those are just a few minor cosmetic details. The bones of the house are complete and the rooms are decorated and functional. Well, at the beginning of this week, we ran into a bit of a plumbing problem... causing us to not have the ability to use our toilets, showers or washer/dryer for a few days. We found ourselves back at my parents for a couple of days while my Dad and the plumber worked on the problem, which as of last night, is now fixed! Just as all of these plumbing problems came about, the city we live in had a power outage which lasted most of the evening! Something I am learning about having twin infants is that I will probably NEVER be caught-up on laundry again! Ha ha! my boys are so tiny and yet they seem to go through at least eight to ten wardrobe changes in a day and diapers seem to never not need changing, In one day we go through at least twenty to twenty five diapers a day and sometimes more when we put Pull-Up's on Mr. Robbie during the evenings! In all of this, I am so grateful! I love my three sons! I am a blessed woman to have three healthy boys and a safe, warm home. As you probably can tell, this is why I have not really had a chance to sit down and blog over these past two weeks since giving birth to my two little, adorable sweet peas! Right now all three boys are sound asleep napping and I have a free minute to post Joseph and Jacob's birthday story! 

To My Favorite Twins! 

Joseph & Jacob's Birthday Story
Part One 

Let's start our story at the beginning. In the afternoon of Tuesday, March 11th, 2014, I was scheduled to have yet another NST ( Non Stress Test) at the hospital. My test went beautifully. The doctor asked that I wait in the hospital after the test, so she could check my progression and see how far I was dilated. Sure enough, I was already dilated to 6 cm riding very close to 7 and 100 % effaced. My doctor told me that today would be the day I would meet my precious boys! I was having my NST test done at a nearby hospital which was not the hospital I had been planning on delivering my babies at. My doctor told me to meet her at the hospital in one hour, so they would have time to admit me and get me prepped and ready for my c-section. Rich and I quickly drove home, grabbed our packed bags, left Robbie with my Mom and Dad and told both sets of Grandparents and my Aunt Becky to meet us at the hospital as soon as possible. It was now almost 5:30 p.m and they wanted to start my c-section at 8:00 p.m. We had to move quickly, but not too quickly because my doctor had explained that my water was ready to burst and my contractions were already 6 minutes apart. 

When we finally arrived at the hospital, I was having stronger contractions that were now around 5 minutes apart and the pain was definitely there, but I could bare this and push through... after all, I am a Marine wife... "pain is weakness leaving the body". I was excited, because I knew with each contraction, I was that much closer to meeting my two little twin boys. Finally, after being pricked and poked and hooked-up to two different IV's, drinking a horrible tummy gastric prep drink to help me not get sick on the operating table, it was close to 8:30 now and I was making the long walk down the maternity ward hallway into the Operating Room to receive my spinal block. The surgery would start soon now and my contractions were right around two minutes apart. The pain was intense and I honestly couldn't wait to get that spinal block! 

Once we were in the Operating room and my c-section had started, all I could do was pray for my two little boys. I begged God to let me hear them cry, that was all I wanted... I wanted to hear the doctors say you have two healthy baby boys Sarah! After all these long months filled with a lot of hope, faith, prayer and a little anxiety from several scares and complications along the way, this was it! I was going to meet these two precious little boys who for 35 weeks have kicked me and shared a home in my tummy. These beautiful little creations of God were here! As I looked over at Rich, who was absolutely beaming, I heard the doctors say; " Okay Sarah, this is it, you are going to feel a lot of tugging and pressure as we take out baby A.  Seconds later I heard him cry, that precious sound I had been waiting for... I looked over at Rich with tears of joy and relief streaming down my face I said; "he is here... our Joseph is here" ! 

Almost immediately, Rich ran over to see our little Joey. Then, a second later, I heard the doctors say; "okay Mommy, you're doing great... now let's meet little Jacob, baby B". Again, with a tug and a pull and tons of pressure, I heard a second wonderful baby cry! Jacob was here!!!! I just couldn't wrap my brain around it all! I was so blessed and I knew I didn't deserve any of it. These babies were a gift from the Lord, because He is good and miraculous ! 
My heart was full, my twins were here and life was good! 

Going into this C-section, my wonderful doctor and her sister, who is also an OB; warned me of some of the complications that might arise due to it being a twin birth. I knew going in that I had three huge obstacles to overcome. One and two both had to do with the babies health, because they were not yet full term and still as considered to be around 35 weeks. Third, I knew that the possibility of a full Hysterectomy might take place during the c-section depending on the condition of my uterus after the babies had been removed. 
Thankfully, all three obstacles turned out well for us and just as my doctors had hoped, healthy babies, with few complications! ( more on that in tomorrow's post) and no hysterectomy for me! In fact, the doctor said my uterus was in better shape than ever and more children are definitely possible! We put it all in the Lord's hands! I had the opportunity to pray with my Mom before we left for the hospital along with my husband and my sweet little boy, who laid hands on my very pregnant tummy. 

I am so thankful for these two guys in the picture below. They were so wonderful during this whole process. 

Rich running out to tell Robbie he just became a big brother, right after the twins were born! 

More on Joey & Jake's Birthday story tomorrow in Part two! 


Susanne said...

Praise God. They are beautiful. Congrats on your 3 sons!!

bella said...

So glad the birth of your twins turned out so well. God is so good. What a wonderful family you have!!

Auntie Summer said...

I just love these little guys!! I am so happy for you and your family! You are such a wonderful mother! I am one proud auntie!!!

Irwenn said...

You have the cutest kids! :)