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Monday, January 27, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real...

Happy Monday! It is the start of a fresh week, which brings new beginnings and new hope! 
I have noticed a fun little trend on a few of the blogs that I actively read. The trend is the idea of simply posting three photos sporadically. The first photo is of something pretty, then the second photo is of something happy and finally something real for the third photo. 
Here are my: Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real photos from this weekend...


... I actually took this photo this morning while looking out the guest bedroom window at my mom's house. Isn't it just an exquisite site! This photo really reminds me of the glory and grace of the Lord. He is magnificently beautiful with such grace to allow each of us another day on this Earth. What a way for Him to say "good morning my child, I love you"! 


...This is a photo of the little Valentine's Day tree that my Mom set-up in her guestroom for Robbie and me to enjoy while we both recover/and grow twin-babies!
The delicate little hearts make my heart smile and the hugging monkeys get a big laugh from Robbie! 


...The above photo comes from my friend's Facebook post. 
This makes Robbie laugh and so it is my funny for today! :) 


My little sickie at 3:00 a.m watching cartoons half awake in pain with his ear.  :( 

 ... these photos are our reality right now. We had quite an interesting, (to say the least) weekend. My little one was not feeling well at all on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday was another night without sleep, filled with crying, cuddles, earache and fever.  :( My poor little guy)  Sunday morning, I found a Pediatric Urgent Care that was open and would see our little Robbie. We rushed Robbie in to see the urgent care doctor as soon as the office opened. Turns out, our little tot has a double ear infection and Pharyngitis. The doctor was almost positive it was Strep. After an examination and a quick culture, we determined that it was not Strep. They sent my little peanut home with amoxicillin, ( the pink stuff , as Robbie calls it, Motrin, Allegra Allergy and ear drops. Between bed rest for the twins and trying to manage a crying tot, we have quite the little hospital going on over here at our house.  I am doing my best to stay well and not catch any germs that Robbie might be willing to share. 

These pictures pretty much sum-up our weekend.

Medications and schedules.


... and I'm afraid a little too much time on the Kindle.  :( 

 There you have it, my pretty, funny, happy real of the week! 
I wish you a good week, dear readers!


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