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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Little of This A Little of That

Well, as you can tell, I am SUPER excited, because... YAY, I passed my glucose test with flying colors!!! I passed with my first pregnancy as well, but I was especially concerned this pregnancy that I would not pass my glucose test because of it being a twin pregnancy. With a multiple pregnancy, I am more at risk for Gestational Diabetes and because of the bed rest and my inability to exercise. Thank you Jesus, everything was perfect!
My blood sugar levels looked wonderful!
Today is a pretty quick update post. I also wanted to post a video of my little guy singing last night before bath time...

 With all of this time on bed rest, I have been able to research curriculum for pre-school homeschool  for the upcoming year. Robbie's current curriculum ends in May when he turns three. I am also planning out a new homeschool schedule for him, because once the twins get here, I KNOW I will be super busy and things will get a little crazy!!!
 School must go on, so I am trying to prepare as much as I can now. :)

Here is my new pre-school/ homeschool plan in the works.
◾8:30am – Breakfast / Family Devotion Time
◾9:00am – Calendar Time & Daily Learning Notebook
◾10:00am – Phonics
◾10:10am – Fine Motor Skills
◾10:30am – Color / Shapes Recognition
◾10:45am – Math Activities
◾11:00am – Logical Thinking
◾11:15am – Large Motor Skills
◾11:30am – Art
◾11:45am – Reading
◾12:00 noon – Lunch/Outside ( soccer, bike ride, walk )
◾1:00pm – Free
Nap time around 1-1:30 until 3:30ish

Octagon and Pentagon

Last night, while my Mom was driving Robbie and me home from our house to my parent's house, as we approached a stop sign, Robbie yelled out; "look, octagon!!!" . We were so proud of him!
Then he asked; "Mommy what does a pentagon look like? " I scrambled, because I had to think for a moment what shape a pentagon actually is? I told him that I wasn't sure what it looked like and his response was adorable! He said... "Mommy, it's okay, let's Goo Goo it when we get home."  ( two year old translation, let's Google it ), Ha ha!!! This is one to put in the baby book and in mommy's heart for sure!

 I have been researching twin strollers... whew it can get confusing!
I really like this Britax B-Ready stroller!
We have a Britax car seat for Robbie and I absolutely LOVE it!

Britax B-Ready - double infant seats (facing in)

 I am also looking into the Bob Stroller as well...

Ahh.. decisions, decisions. Any advice friends or mama's of twins?
Have a great day everyone!


Summer said...

Ahhhhh!!! I love it!! Yay Robbie!!

Carla irene said...

So much fun to see Robbie singing the song that was his father's favorite as a 3 year old. Can you imagine how it feels?