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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas Part Two

 I was finally able to get this post up today! Get ready for lots of pictures!

Christmas Day

We awoke to a beautiful Christmas morning! I always love Christmas time at Gigi's house! My Mom, ( Gigi) is such a talented decorator with such an eye for beauty.  During the Christmas season, I enjoy visiting my parent's house because my Mom decorates the house with such style, charm and warmth ! Before I share about our Christmas day, I wanted to give you all a little tour of Gigi's house at Christmas!

Below is a photo of my parent's front yard on Christmas morning.
Such a crisp, clear day.

Here is a photo of a few of Gigi's outdoor Christmas decorations. I love Santa sitting in his sleigh with Rudolph!

I took this picture just as Santa was leaving after a long night of delivering presents . ; )

Here is a little glimpse of our Christmas at Gigi's house!
 We've been waiting for you ...
So much fun to wake-up and see all of the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.
Do you recognize this gorgeous buffet?
 It is the buffet that my parent's surprised me with a few Christmases ago... because we are in transition and construction with our home, I asked my Mom to store my buffet. In exchange we are borrowing each other's buffets. Mom took mine and I swapped it out for her gorgeous Mission style buffet. I still am in love with this buffet, but Mom's house is more Victorian in décor, while mine is Craftsman... so switch it is! :) 

Gigi did such a beautiful job decorating the buffet and creating a nativity scene.
Below is a photo of the decorations on top of Gigi's china closet. To the left you see a photo of Gigi, Robbie and myself with Santa last Christmas. The clock in the middle is one of my favorite items in Gigi's home. This Italian Victorian clock was in my Grandma Vera's home all throughout my childhood. My grandma Vera past away in 1992, but I have so many wonderful memories of her and each time this clock chimes it's dainty little song, I am overwhelmed with the sweet, dear memories of my dear grandma! Grandma Vera would always sing a sweet little song to me about a grandfather's clock.
The little Santa and reindeer pulling the sleigh are all made out of lead and are from the 1940's.
Below is our Christmas tea set.
Gigi put out her little antique rocking horse for Robbie.
My Mom has a rather large Santa collection. Here are just a few of her Santas. 
I also love Gigi's little hot cocoa station!

Christmas Morning

As soon as our little one woke-up, we made sure to all gather in the living room to watch his sweet little face when he first saw his shiny new red tricycle from Santa!

 Not the clearest picture, but look at the excitement on that face!
Robbie was all smiles and so excited that Santa actually brought him a red bicycle! 
 Daddy helped Robbie get on his new bike. Sorry Daddy, Mommy is still getting the hang of this new camera ... didn't mean to cut you off in this picture. :)
 After all the excitement of getting the new tricycle from Santa, Grandpa Ray surprised Robbie with his next gift...
What is it ? I wonder??
Thank you Grandpa, it's a new helmet!

Now it's time to try out the new ride !

Jingle decided he would ride along with Robbie!
Robbie took right to riding... he wasn't a bit scared and got the hang of it quickly!

Here he is checking out the mechanics of his bike.
After a bike ride, it was time to go in and open the rest of our presents.
The way we opened our presents was quite pleasant. Usually we all rip into them and we are left not really knowing what each other received. This year we each took our individual turns opening up one gift at a time. This allowed us to enjoy each gift and share comments. Robbie only receives one present from Santa, one present from Mommy and Daddy and a stocking from Santa, plus whatever else the grandparents and family give him. I do not want to overindulge our children. I want them to enjoy the wonder of Christmas and the joy of Santa. However, in our house, we put Jesus first and He is the reason we celebrate Christmas.
Here is a picture of Rich opening his gifts.
Here is Robbie helping Grandpa Ray open his present from us.
 Then it was Gigi's turn.
 Here is a picture of the cute little remote-control train set that Gigi gave Robbie.
 More of Rich opening presents... He was like a kid in a candy store, because he didn't have a Christmas last year. All month long we caught him singing Christmas carols, from Thanksgiving to Christmas day.
Grandpa Ray opening up some socks.
Gigi gave Robbie a fire truck sweatshirt... he admired it for a good 20 minutes.
  Then it was Aunt Becky's turn!
Aunt Becky always stops by on Christmas morning to open presents with us.
 Aunt Becky gave Robbie some very cute outfits!
  Santa and Jingle both left a stocking full of goodies for Robbie!
 After enjoying the morning in our pajamas, we all got dressed.
Here is Gigi and her boy.
Robbie has not stopped admiring his tricycle!
  Gigi cooked a lovely turkey dinner! :)

 I think the following  photos say it all. 

Here are my boys, sound asleep after a fun filled day! When I look at this picture of the two of them, I am thrilled with the thought that next Christmas we will have a 3 year old and two 9 month old baby boys!! :)
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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