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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Have You Ever Made A Snowman ?

Three children making a snowman

Good evening friends! I really did plan to get this post up a lot earlier... I laid down with my little one, for what I thought was just going to be a moment and here I am just now waking-up at 11:35 p.m on Saturday night. I will try to type fast and get this posted before midnight. :)

I spent the morning, (and better half of the day) down in Orange County picking-out the marble for our kitchen counter tops! I am so happy to have this all settled! The marble will be cut and beveled and the counter tops should all be in this week!
 I really wanted to be involved in the process of choosing our marble slab. Because marble is a natural stone, there are so many variations and unique differences.
I chose a Bianco Venatino Marble from Italy! I am gushing over the beautiful misty white color of the marble! Below is a picture of our actual slab! 

I am so thankful to my Dad for driving me all the way out to Orange County to choose the slab in the pouring rain! Rich couldn't be there to make the final call on the marble, so thanks Mom and Dad for your input! I know Rich will love it!  : )

The Adventures Of That Silly Little Elf..
Jingle Day

Well, I KNOW the elf has become a hit in our family when my Marine hubby calls me from the field to ask; how I'm feeling, how our little boy is doing and oh yeah... " What did Jingle do today?" haha :) 
Needless to say, we are all pretty captivated by Jingle and the Christmas, child-like spirit he has re-ignited in all of us! 

Here is where we found our Jingle this morning... just hanging-out on the buffet with a beautifully wrapped Christmas present waiting for Robbie! 

 This note was attached to the gift...

Below, is Mr. Robbie inspecting his gift.

So curious!

He received all the figurines from the Rudolph cartoon we had just seen. Talk about blessings!!!!! I found the entire set, within a day or two after we had viewed the movie! It was brand new, never opened at my Thrift store Boutique:) !!!!

Robbie could not believe his eyes!

He has a very special heart for Rudolph!

Because of this abominable Snowman, the other night while watching Rudolph,  Robbie screamed, "Turn it off, turn it off right now! No, no, no...I DON"T like it!!!!!!!  

Bompa turned the cartoon off, but GiGi begged us to turn it back on. She said it will get better and that Robbie might be traumatized if we ended it with the snowman roaring...
...needless to say, we turned it back on and the abominable snowman just needed friends. He got to place the star on the Christmas tree, and everyone was happy, THE END!

Later that evening, we drove around looking at Christmas lights, you won't believe this!  We saw a front yard with an entire family of Abominable snowmen. Coincidence? I think not. Robbie even waved to them. Robbie later told Bompa; " You look like the scary monster snowman." then we all chuckled, LOL.... 

Do you see the similarity? I think it's the beard ... or at least I hope so! 

25 Nights of Family Christmas Movies...

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Night: 7 

Have You Ever Made A Snowman ? 

Last night, we watched our seventh Christmas movie this holiday season! 
After the movie, my mom and I were talking about snow. Being  native Californians, we don't experience it often. ONE time, in my mother's childhood, it snowed in her front yard. The beautiful thing about California is, and I have done this; You can have breakfast in LA wearing shorts in the beautiful sunshine, go to the beach for lunch and get a tan, and then have dinner in Big Bear lake while the snow is gently falling as you sip cocoa by a warm fire. Each adventure is less than an hour away from home!

Below, is my first attempt at making snow people! My husband and I, and some friends spent Valentine's weekend in the Smokey Mountains. We had a great cabin in North Carolina.
Below is my Prima Donna version of me as a snowman!

My Marine and me enjoying the snow !

          Meet our cat Maverick, Prima Donna and my version of my Marine!

Here is my mom's first snowman.
 She and a friend spent their high school Christmas vacation in Big Bear Calif.
Although snow is not common in these parts, we decided that Robbie must have the experience soon!
Please tell me about your first snowman, or snow angel. Tis the season!

Big Brother Is Going To Be A Big Help

Tonight after bath time, Robbie was curious about how we are going to bottle feed his baby brothers once they arrive. I ran and grabbed one of the new baby bottles I had received while buying maternity clothes at the store. I also grabbed Tickle Me Elmo and decided to show Robbie the proper way to hold and bottle feed a baby! He loved it!!

As you can see, his baby holding skills were perfected throughout the feeding. For a 2 1/2 year old, he was so gentle and loving to Elmo during his feeding! Years ago, my mom bought this Elmo for our friend Angelica.(Tickle me Elmo) That sweet little darling and her brother returned their gift to me, "for Robbie" they said. Robbie is enjoying Elmo. Thank you Angelica and Christian! :)

Then, we moved on to diapering techniques .
I think it is essential to include and prepare Robbie for the upcoming twin adventures! 

I will leave you with a little video clip of the soon to-be Big Brother. 

Have a wonderful evening!


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Auntie Summer said...

Ahhhhhh so cute!!! I love it! He is going to be such a good big brother! I'm loving watching this little guy grow up!!