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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Bed For Elmo, Toddler Train Table & Jingle Day 3

Well, I was hoping I would have had time earlier in the day to have put this post up... it is now 1:15 a.m on Thursday morning. This really should have been a Wednesday post, but; life, one busy little toddler, kitchen construction and oh yeah, my nap, got in the way. Ha ha, It's hard work carrying around two babies in my tummy all day! I take napping very seriously!  :) 

Christmas Family going for a drive.

Tonight we took a ride to look at a few Christmas lights with Robbie. We bundled-up and played Christmas music and ate our treats in the car as we all sang Christmas songs! I just love this time of year! :) 

A Bed For Elmo 

About a month ago, I was out and about yard sale hunting and stumbled upon this adorable little bed that so desperately needed a home. :( 

 It called out to me and I answered and purchased the dear little bed for $ 2.00!
 I just knew then, that this little bed would be just perfect for Elmo! 

Robbie has this little Elmo doll that he has carried around with him just about everywhere since he was just a tiny little guy! Robbie has his own toddler bed and I thought it would be cute to paint this bed bright red, just like Elmo and put it next to Robbie's "Big Boy Bed". 

So, first things first. We needed to get to work! This was today's project.
I had my sandpaper, primer and my little sidekick ready to go...
... Robbie is a great sander! 

After we sanded the entire bed, it was time to paint it with a white primer. Robbie jumped right in, along with Gigi's kitty, Leo! 

At last our Elmo's bead is sanded, primed and ready to be painted a bright, fire engine red tomorrow morning! 

Christmas Gift: 
A Toddler Train Table 

I wanted to make a train table for my son for Christmas and found this one!

On Black Friday, I went to one of my favorite stores, Lakeshore Learning Store. I purchased a 100 piece train kit/set that is normally $49.99. The entire set was reduced to $25.00 for Black Friday!!!! 

100-Piece Wooden Train Set

Why am I so excited about this purchase? Robbie loves train tables. We do not have one of our own, but whenever we visit a friend who has one, or the Pediatrician's office, the train table is the main attraction for this little man! This is my project Christmas gift for Robbie. I am going to build a train table for him! I am so excited to get started. I have priced buying one from the toy store, but they are just so expensive and just not in our budget! With a little help from Bompa Ray and Daddy, I should be able to get this done in no time! Check back soon...

...Once again, we raced out of bed this morning to search for our dear little elf friend, Jingle! 
This morning we found that silly little Elf hiding in a beautiful, red and white, candy cane striped gift bag hanging out on our  hutch! This time, Jingle had a sparkly red package with him! 

 Along with a note which read ...

 Robbie carefully opened the beautiful box...

... To find a beautiful, gold key to Santa's house in The North Pole!!!

Just like Jingle's note said; here is Santa's house key along with a heart shaped box; to remind us to fill people's hearts with the love of God! 

 I think Robbie was a little shocked to know, that this one key opened the door to Santa's workshop and house!!!

I told Robbie, that just as this key opens the door to many wonderful things, so does Jesus open the hearts of all who seek Him and believe in Him!

Today, and this whole Christmas season, we are working on spreading Christ's love to others! 

 Robbie opened up the heart shaped box, which had a York Peppermint Patty candy in it! I told Robbie that this is Santa's favorite candy because it is cool and minty and reminds him of the snow at The North Pole!

 I think he was thrilled to eat  a candy so early in the morning! 

We thought today might be a nice day to take Jingle to the library and introduce him to a world of books!!!

We checked-out several Christmas books from the library and I think Jingle might have a special surprise for Robbie tomorrow morning... :) 

Defrump Me: Instead of wrapping Christmas books for your kids to open each night in December, just make things easy on yourself and put those books in a pretty basket under the tree! Or you can even decorate a special box to put them in.
25 Nights OF Family Christmas Movies 

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Night 4 

Tuesday night was day 4 of our family Christmas movies. 
We watched a movie we checked-out from the library. 

This was beautifully illustrated and took the form of a storybook with pictures rather than cartoon characters.
Robbie loved it and we all enjoyed it as well! :) 

Well friends, I am off to take a hot bath, with a warm cup of tea and then it's bedtime for me! 


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Susanne said...

I love how you are using the Elf in a fun and meaningful way. I also recommend the Sesame Street Christmas movie. I think it is such a sweet story.