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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Teaching Compassion To Our Children

During the month of October, Robbie's Bible verse is; 
" Pray for each other." This is such a common thought among Christians. You pray for those you love, family and friends... 
What does it really mean? Earnest appeal or supplication? or a religious action? I think it is a way to care deeply, to trust God and  to help us to be aware of others instead of so much on ourselves. 
Yes, we pray every night with Robbie. Since staying at my parent's home for the past few weeks, (while we wait on the renovations being made at our house) 
I have been so blessed with the help of my own mother. No matter how old you get, there is something so tender and warm about your mother's love. No matter what, I know she loves me! 
My Mom has been absolutely wonderful about helping out with Robbie, getting my little guy bathed, fed and dressed. When I am simply too spent and warn-out to go on, she picks up the pieces before they even fall!

 My mother cooks for us, plays with Robbie and makes up learning projects, does our laundry, drives me to appointments, babysits, changes our sheets and even rubs my tired pregnant feet at night. 

I know, I know, there are some that might say, (and some that have said) she is a fool to do so much for us, when she has already raised her own child, or that she should have time to relax in her retired years and "get a real life" and just enjoy being a Grandma and not the parent. But the truth is, she is a mother first, with a mother's heart and a REAL mother never rests!
 No matter how old your child is, he or she is always your baby that you love and tenderly care for and help at all cost. At least this is the way I was raised. I have observed my mother sacrifice time after time for so many people.

I remember by Grandma Vera saying that;
 " Motherhood isn't finished until you take your last breath on this earth."  

While all of  these things that my mother does for us; the kind and much appreciated gifts, the greatest gift of all since staying here has been the privilege of watching my mother and my little boy pray each night together!  Robbie gets down on his little bony knees and looks out the window in the guestroom. He calls out; "Gigi, come look at stars and pray with me." in a little squeaky cricket voice, ( that I know I will one day miss when he has grown and his voice has changed into a deep baritone of a man ).
 It is then that the real beautiful picture of this moment is about to begin. There they are, kneeling and looking out the window just above the bed, they look out at the moon and the stars and talk about each star, every cloud and planet and the moon if one is visible that night, and how Jesus lives in Heaven. Gigi tells Robbie that Jesus is in our heart and how much He loves us and how one day, Robbie might invite Jesus to be his best friend and Savior . Then they begin to pray. They pray for: Mommy and Daddy, Grandma Carla and Grandpa Ken, Grandparents Branch, all the cousins and relatives, Aunt Becky, Bompa Ray, Auntie Summer, Oodie, Auntie Roberta, Ollie, all our neighbors, Miss Debbie, Jellica, Christian their Mommy, and her mommy, Uncle Freddie, Paige, Amanda, all of our friends and the list goes on for about five to ten minutes every night. When they are finished praying they sing an alleluia ("Lalelulia" as Robbie says)  song to Jesus.

Through prayer, we are teaching our children reverence, discipline and compassion for others. My Mom always says being a Christian means being a servant to the Lord and for the Lord's work.  

This evening, while cooking dinner, mom and Robbie were discussing a surgery that one of mom's good friends had on Tuesday. She told Robbie that we need to show her love. So, the two of them made her dinner.

Mom and I got into a tiff! I told her, while tasting her squash soup; that she is losing her cooking touch. She is an excellent cook. Lately, I think she has been compromised. She got upset and left the room. I said, "It needs seasoning mom, more!!" I think she got carried away and put too much pepper to spite me. We didn't taste it until after mom came back from her delivery to her friend. It was awful! She felt so bad. I told her, "Well my hormones are off, you shouldn't trust me! Why do you listen to me?" I think everything needs more spice these days. Mom came home and made another pot of  Butternut squash soup and it was perfect, now she wants to take it back to her friend. I told her she would look really dumb to do that. Robbie walks in and says, " It's only soup, GiGi. I love you!"
Even through our tiffs, our wrong doings and our arguments, Robbie is learning compassion. I pray it sticks with him his entire life.
 Last week, my husband took Robbie to the park. Robbie came home quiet and unsettled. I asked him if he had a good time and he left the room. Rich told me about a little girl who had pushed him down. It really hurt Robbie's feelings. That evening, I was listening to GiGi and Robbie pray. Robbie asked GiGi why the mean little girl had pushed him down. GiGi said that maybe someone pushes her down, or maybe she had an angry day, or even, maybe she hadn't been taught that it is unkind to push people. Robbie replied, "Okay GiGi, I want to pray for that mean girl. Let's tell God all about it!"

It is my life's work and goal to raise compassionate children, as I am sure it is yours. Let's keep in prayer for each other as we Mothers raise tomorrow's future. 

Here is Gigi's Butternut Squash Soup Recipe, enjoy! 

The Second Batch of Butternut soup recipe:

1 large Butternut squash skin peeled off and squash cubed 1" squares, or purchase 2 bags already peeled and diced in the bag at Trader Joe's
4 cups chicken soup stock
2 cups water
2 cups milk
1 onion diced
1 tablespoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons brown sugar
Add salt and pepper to taste  (your own taste, don't listen to a pregnant woman)
Boil squash until tender (fork goes through) 15 - 20 minutes
Fry diced onions with a little olive oil until they are clear
Drain squash and put in blender with all ingredients including the onions.
You may add more milk or chicken stock to desired thickness
We serve it with homemade croutons on top.
Sometimes GiGi cooks some chicken breasts and shreds them into the soup.

Hope you have a blessed weekend! 

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