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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun Fall Days...

My husband has been home from work this past week and we have been enjoying these fun fall days!While at the grocery store the other day, I purchased this cute little pumpkin bouncy ball for Robbie and one for his friend Paige also.

We are staying at my parent's house, because it seems just about everyday of the week we have workers coming in to work on our house! Next week we are having a whole new air and heating unit installed, along with recessed lighting and insulation in the attic. Today, Rich and I went shopping to choose our guestroom bath tile and to get a few ideas on what we might like.  
So we have busy days ahead!

This is from earlier in the week. In the picture above Robbie was helping Gigi decorate for Fall! 

Below, Robbie is showing off his new pumpkin Micky shirt and chocolate chip cookies that Gigi made!

We have also been enjoying our morning walks to Starbucks followed by a visit to the neighborhood  park. Robbie loves to run, swing and play and I love my new favorite fall drink at Starbucks the Caramel Apple Cider! Um, Yes Please! 

 My little Pirate has been having a blast with his new pirate hat that Aunt Becky gave him! 

This was just before bedtime !

Argh Matey! 
Robbie loves his Captain Hook arm, (as he calls it).  

 Last night, Gigi made Robbie hot Cocoa for the first time, complete with colored marshmallows, just the way I love it! 

As you can tell by the chocolate faced little boy below,  
it was a huge hit with both Daddy and Robbie! 

We started our October unit in homeschool curriculum. This month we are learning all about the color Orange, the number 5, circles and the story of Daniel & The Lions Den.

 Oh and before I go, I wanted to share my new nail polish. It's called "Chinchilly" by Essie and I think it is another fun color for the Fall or Winter! 

Let's see, what else... last week Rich and my Mom spent the entire weekend evenings watching the "Breaking Bad" marathon, (just before Sunday's Finale). They are both crazy and were up until 2 and 3 in the morning just totally enthralled with this show. I tried to stay up for a few of the episodes, but this pregnant old lady can't seem to stay up these days much past 10:00!  ha :) 

Tomorrow, I will be having a fun Friday Giveaway, so be sure to check back! 

Well, that's it for us folks, not much news just good times together!


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Summer said...

Oh my goodness I'm dying with these pictures! Look at that long hair!!!! Good grief he looks so grown up!! I love the Captain Hook arm! Haha :) I'll need to talk to Rich about Breaking Bad... that's probably my favorite show ever! Love you guys! :)