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Friday, October 4, 2013

A Friday Giveaway

Happy Friday Friends! 

I was hoping to get this giveaway post up a little earlier in the day, but we had a lost turtle emergency. 
Let me explain... my Dad raises Desert Tortoises (and has for as long as I can remember). Well, Mr. Robbie left the back gate open the other day and Speedy, (our very old man turtle, whom we believe to be in his 80's) took off out the back gate and was found a few streets over.

A dear, kind woman found Speedy and took him to a friend's home who raises turtles. To make a long story short, after exchanging hands several times and traveling through six cities and over a 30 mile radius. Our Speedy has been proven to be, apparently not slow at all. I found myself driving at 6:00 a.m this morning (with a sleeping two year old in the backseat, who was not too happy to be awakened that early) to meet a 4th grade teacher who had been safely keeping Speedy until his owners were found. Well, thank goodness, we were found!  

Thus, leading to this late, but still Friday giveaway post! 

Lately it seems I have been blogging quite often about Fall, apple picking and the Autumn season. My Mother is a wonderful artist, (she loves to watercolor). This was one of her first apple harvest watercolors that I just adore! In honor of the season, this beautiful print and frame is today's giveaway! 

Here's How To Enter: 

1. First, if you haven't already, please start following my blog on the right hand side of the screen under followers. If you have already started following welcome, thank you for reading and please refer a friend! :) 

2. Please leave a comment on this post under the comment section telling me a little bit about yourself...

~ Name :(you don't have to use first and last) 

~ If you have a blog, please share your blog link. If you don't, that is fine also. 

~ What is your passion in life ? 

~ Are you married ? Do you have children? What season of life are you in ? 

~ What is your favorite season and why ?

~ Tell me why you would like this watercolor? Do you have a friend or a family member who would love it? What does it remind you of ? Perhaps, maybe you have the perfect spot for it in your home? These are just examples, but the winner will be featured on my blog! :)  

I will be leaving this post up and accepting comments for the next 24 hours. 
 I will be announcing the winner on Wednesday! :) 



letty said...

hi Sarah it's me Letty :) I would love to win it because it has a country fill to it and i so wish I lived in the country and i'm going to redecorate my kitchen and it would look so lovely in there!! <3 how have you been??

letty said...

by the way i'm so glad you found your turtle!!