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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Morning Thoughts. . .

I'd love to open my window to this lovely view.

Good Morning! It is another beautiful day here, crispy and cool.
 As I am writing this post, there is an opened window just above me. I can feel the cool breeze kiss my face as it softly blows the little lace curtains around. I am excited, because today we are trying a new church near our new home. We are hoping to quickly get connected with a church family.

Gigi's Secret Garden 

We have been staying the weekends at Gigi's house while we work on our house.
My parents only live a few miles from our new home and it is so nice that Gigi has taken us in every weekend!  Robbie loves to be in Gigi's garden! He follows her everywhere. She makes up stories about the bunnies as she pulls weeds and Robbie asks a million WHY questions.

Let's Talk Christmas Gifts. . . 

Last Christmas, my Mom and I made dozens of canned jams, homemade canned marinara sauce and many other treats and goodies.

Family Goodies Basket Hampers

We then assembled baskets and gave each family a basket of goodies with a crocheted blanket as their Christmas gift. 

@Kyla Cesca..DIY Chalkboard Tags-Blackboard Vinyl Labels-Chalkboard Canning Jar Tags-Vinyl Chalkboard Mason Jars-Rustic Wedding. $8.00, via Etsy.

Well, this year I am planning on doing a similar gift... 
Last year, I made and canned tons of apple butter. I already have my preserve of choice in mind for this year. I found these adorable chalkboard gift tags on Pinterest and think I will try to make and use these this Christmas! Can you believe I am already talking about Christmas? 
Where does the time go! Just a few more months to go! 

I just love homemade gifts! I feel so special when someone has taken the time to make something  with me in mind! 

Speaking of homemade, remember when I posted these chalk painted tin cans (above) ?
Well, here is my mom's creation of a tin cookie box she re-vamped into a box for a baby. 
There are tiny pink roses and pink and white stripes painted all over this can. She chalk-boarded the middle with a square for writing in the contents as they will vary. I want an entire set!

I am thinking we could put hair bows and brushes, or diapers, or maybe face towels and baby soap and lotion. Planning is full of wonderful anticipation!

An Apple A day . . . 

We love Caillou around here!
We recently watched a fall episode where Caillou goes apple picking.
We are planning on going apple picking in the next few weeks. I really think Robbie will just love it!


In the mean time, I found this fun little fall alphabet apple activity I would like to do at home with him this week. We have been working on letter recognition and this would be a wonderful way to practice finding those letters!

apple picking

Good For The Soul . . . 

I have mentioned The Jesus Storybook Bible for children before.

On Friday, I went to the local Christian book store with my parents and Robbie.
My Dad needed a new Bible for his men's Bible study and he wanted my Mom's help choosing one.
Robbie and I ran immediately to the children's section. The store had a little movie area set-up for children shopping. They happened to be playing the Jesus Storybook Bible DVD series. As we walked in, Robbie saw the television and the Jesus cartoon character on the screen and proudly in a very loud voice said; "look Mommy, It Jesus!!!". My heart felt so full!!!

I was so excited to know that this Jesus Storybook Bible was now available in a DVD series.
Each volume is around $10.00. There are 4 volumes. I purchased volume 1.

If you are looking for a clear and precise teaching of Bible stories for children, this is the series for you! I would say the age appropriateness for these videos starts around 4 or 5 years old. Robbie enjoyed the story and cartoon of it, but I had to explain the stories in further detail.

Oh and did I mention ? ? ?

It's Fall Yall Wooden Blocks by jewelrybox36 on Etsy, $10.00

Yep!!! Today is the official first day of fall!!

I found this hat pattern on Pinterest and I am holding back from running out to the craft store right now and making it!! Hurry up and get cold California!! I want to wear my hats!

Is it fall yet?

I leave you with this funny little cartoon...

True First Day Of Fall! They already have their pumpkin bread available! <3

Hope you have a blessed Sunday!


RockinMom said...

Hello! I am new to your blog. I hope your church visit went well today. I remember when we moved to our current town it took us a long time to find a new church home and sometimes proved to be very frustrating. I am now glad it took us so long as we have found a church family that has been such a blessing to us.

I was just at Target last week and saw a those cute little tins in the $1 bin. Just thought I would pass the info along your way in case you wanted to get more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you RockinMom!