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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


About seventeen years ago.... wait a minute. I can't believe I am that old!! Well, when I was in junior high school, my Mom thought it was important that I learn how to knit and crochet... and so she paid for me to have knitting lessons. I did pick up on it, but sadly was too young to have taken it seriously. I thought it was only something that grandma's did. ( you know the little old ladies who love cats?).

True story, ( Mom I love you, but I have to make fun of you for just a minute... in a loving way ! )  ;) 
Robbie just adores the book;  "Goodnight Moon". Robbie has pretty much spent the past two years growing-up seeing his Gigi either knitting, crocheting or always working on some sort of craft. So it is only natural, I suppose, that every time we come to; "the quiet old lady who was whispering hush" page in the book, Robbie always proudly points to this picture and says; "like Gigi"!!!  Toot cute right?  haha 

Well, now I am inspired by my best friend Summer and her sweet Mama Judy who are seriously the BEST KNITTERS around!!! Judy has both knit and crocheted many beautiful blankets, toys,  bibs and heirlooms for my little boy.  Last weekend while visiting my parents, I commissioned my Mom to re-teach me how to knit. We started knitting with a very simple stitch. 

Okay, so this is completely unrelated to this post, but if you read my blog often, then you know I love to get off track... 

While Facebook stalking Summer and Judy's photo albums for a photo of them to share on this post, I stumbled upon this ....

Soooooo ... all I have to say is WHAT!!!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN????

I am the worst friend ever because I didn't know this... I am completely excited  that you two met her Summer but... a little,   okay a LOT jealous!!! 

Back to my story... Knitting is no longer just for cat loving grandmas!! Just take a look at some of these cool and fabulous knitters...


As with all projects, I often get super pumped about what I'm working on and then somewhere between life, chasing after a two-year old and did I say procrastination? Well, let's just say I get a little preoccupied
 I would love to knit new Christmas stockings for our son my and husband this year, but I'm not going to hold myself to it. 

This morning, my little one and I explored our local yarn shop.( P.S. One of my absolute favorite things to do is visit and rummage around through funky little shops like the this one . I prefer these shops to the big box craft stores). I pretend I am wandering the shops in some small little European town.

This weekend my Mom and I are going to pay a visit to Abuelita's Knit Shop in South Pasadena . I will be sure to give you all my update on the shop. 

I spent the evening cozy in bed, knitting and watching Max and Ruby with my little boy.

Do any of you knit? 
Happy knitting!!



Summer said...

Hahaha it's just too cute that Robbie says "Gigi!" every time you read that story, that's my favorite! Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about meeting the Pioneer Woman... that was way before her show, maybe 2009?? I think you must have been in Virginia at the time... or Florida? I'd have begged you to come with me otherwise!! My mom didn't really know who she was so clearly I was more excited than she was. And then I got up there and froze. Seriously I don't think I said a word to her. Go me! haha :) Yay for knitting! I'm excited to do more, but then I freak out when I realize there are fancier stiches to master beyond knit and purl! Haha :)

Making The Most Of Each Day said...

Just a happy, plump and cozy grandma, sitting in a rocker knitting, Ah! wouldn't that be nice???? Kisses to my darling ...XOXOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXX...