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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Muffin Tins & Tents

Well, hello Saturday! Here you are once again welcoming in the start of the weekend. 
Yesterday was another rainy, cold, windy, and quite blustery Friday.
 We spent our morning doing school work. I have created and started Robbie on a pretty serious home school schedule. Well, as serious as you can home school a 21 month old and still keep their attention. We are currently working on an Adam and Eve Bible story; colors, sorting objects, peg boards, music, art, counting, working with both fine and gross motor skills. Oh, and I can't forget dramatic play. 
I have to tell you, I am just having a ball with this little guy!

My mom liked my Valentine wreath, so she made one also. It cost $3.00 to make!
I went to Michaels craft store, (by the way, Michaels does not have an apostrophe funny huh?)

 I found a tent for $20.00. When I got to the check out, the young man who waited on me just happens to be the manager. He said that he sees me there quite often and that because Robbie is so cute, he gave me the tent for $10.00! We came home and set up this little tent. Robbie brought all of his stuffed toy babies, put blankets and a little owl lantern to camp there. We could not get him out of it. He could not play outside because of all the rain, yet we got hour after hour of adventure with that tent. We are developing lots of imagination these days. Tomorrow, I think we will go to Yosemite. LOL!

 Here is my little camper figuring out the door-flaps on his tent! 

What rainy day living room camping trip would be complete without an owl lantern? On sale for $9.99 at Target! 

Oh and ofcourse all of "Robbie's Babies" must come along! 

Robbie has been suffering with his first earache, and we have been suffering from lack of a good night's sleep. His appetite has diminished and I have been concerned. I tried using a small muffin tin to entice interest in eating and boy oh boy, did it work!

I placed some Ranch dressing in one, salsa in another, ketchup, whip cream, and then honey; all for dipping. In the other compartments; I placed cut up chicken, cheese, peas, blueberries, some cut up apples and some carrots and bananas.. He sampled each. He didn't eat it all, but this mama is happy that at least we got some food down this little guy! Try this for meal time!

This morning, the muffin tin breakfast was a success again! 
As you can tell by this blueberry-faced little boy! 

Today is a gorgeous but very cold day. I am busy with last minute details for my Downton Abbey Tea Party tomorrow!!!! I am so excited. I wish you all a restful, meaningful and happy Saturday!


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So glad you are back to blogging!!