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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grateful . . .

As I was completing my Sunday evening Bible study homework, I came across this question; " As you travel, or simply walk around your home or in your city, how much do you deliberately and personally relate to God in thoughtful appreciation of the magnificent beauty of His word?"

Wow! What a great question. Tonight, I am so very grateful and appreciative to my Jesus for the two boys in the picture above, they are my heart! My boys make me laugh and smile, I wake-up each day excited to see them!! When I lay my head down on my pillow at night, my heart and soul are filled with joyful memories because of my time spent with them! :)

Okay, on to another fantastic fall idea!

I am thinking of having a little harvest costume get together for Robbie and some of his little friends and  some of the Mamas from our Mom's group. You know, a time for the Littles to showoff their costumes while the Mom's chat. The other day while searching on Pinterest for a fun treat to serve, I came across the following ideas . . .

Scarecrow Crunch

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Love the mummy hot dogs!

Pinned Image

Great healthy snack!

Pinned Image
Another alternative to super sugary snacks!

Pinned Image
Well  . . . maybe just a few sugary treats! :)

Have a blessed day!

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Sonyamoore27 said...


Lets start with the first two books of the bible and Genesis.
The first chapter states that God creates Adam and Eve at the same time,

In the 2nd chapter God creates Adam, then Adam wanders around, names the animals does a few things, then he talks to God and Say's he is lonely, so God says Ok i will provide you with a mate so he takes the Rib and creates Eve.

In the first Two chapters of the book are conflicting Creation stories , so which is true? Now Believers will say "well it's just two different versions of the same story" this is fine but then don't say in the next Breath that the Bible is meant to be taken litterally and when it says something it means it!! because it obviously does not.

Modern man has 24 ribs. Did Adam have 25, 24 or 23? Did he grow a new rib to achieve 24 or did he have the spare 25th to begin with? If God made Adam, why couldn’t he make Eve in the same manner? Making Eve from Adam’s rib is like cloning, which would make their physical union a variation of incest.Maybe God just forgot the method He used to make Adam? The Bible turns the possibilty of God being an amazing scientist and demotes him into being a carnival magician..


The Bible says the Great Flood covered the entire world. The problem with that assertion is that the Biblical writers thought the earth was flat and only knew about a small part of the earth. While this does not in itself preclude a total planet flood, it precludes those writers from having the knowledge to make such a statement. Common sense in the 21st century allows us to infer that the idea itself is preposterous. That would apply even if all the ice on the planet melted.

I think we could all agree that there is no possible way that Noah could have put all 10 billion species on the planet on his Ark and then distrubuted them in the different regions of Earth that they are native to.
Noah's tale is probably a mixture of stories about a flood on the euphratees river, 125 miles south-east of present day bahgdad There is Archeoligical evidence that there was a 6 day storm around 2900 Bc and the river rose 22 feet, the river overflowed and a lot of people got killed. a Survivor a summarian king named 'Zuisudra' got hold of a commercial barge loaded it with merchandise and road the flood, landed safely on a hill top and made a sacrifice in a hill top temple to give thanks for his safe landing.
Sound familiar? great flood, happy landing on hilltop? at least 6 other cultures have a similar flood stories in the region and there is Geolicical and archeological evidence to prove this .. Noahs story no evidence outside the Bible.