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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Visiting The Library

This morning Robbie, Gigi and I paid a visit to our local public library!
It has been totally renovated since I was Robbie's age.
A statue of Mark Twain sits on a bench in front of the Library. 
Every summer of my childhood, my mother took me to the summer reading program. We would read a book or two each week, give an oral book report along with a picture we drew; and I would receive a gift. It is thrilling to take my own child back to my old library. 

We visited the library to sign-up Robbie for Toddler Story Time, which will begin the first week of September and will be held every Tuesday morning. This is a time when little ones and their mommies come to the library to sit and listen to a 15 minute story and activity. This is an excellent way to introduce children to books, reading, and the library atmosphere!

While at the library, we noticed a little used book store within the library. Of course we had to stop in and take a peek!
 Located near the entrance of the Library is the "Friends Of  Monrovia Public Library Used Book Shop." The Store stocks hardcover and paperback books for all ages, books on CD and tape, movies in DVD format, and selected gifts.

Many are in excellent condition. 
Robbie kept forgetting to whisper, but the very nice lady who worked there, told him it was okay to talk in the book store. She was so sweet to us.
We found several books and an Elmo CD for Robbie. Gi Gi said we had to take them home and sanitize them first.

Robbie just loved the beautiful water fountain!
I really enjoyed seeing all of the upgrades and remodels in my home town!
If you look below to the far right, you will see some beautiful oak trees. Gi Gi said she used to climb them when she was a little girl, and my grandparents used to picnic under them when they were dating.
Gi Gi wanted to get a picture of Robbie sitting on one of the tree's branches, but there was a sign that said; "If you are not a squirrel, do not climb the trees" Gi Gi told Robbie that she is going to design a squirrel outfit for him, and that she will take him back another day for a picture on the Oak tree!

The library has computers everywhere and beautiful, quiet reading rooms, banquet and conference rooms; all state of the arts and yet, Mission style decor.

After our busy day, we had lunch at a charming little restaurant in a neighboring city. At one time, this was the only place to eat.

It was too warm for us to dine outside. The food is so good, that many people stayed outside because the inside had full capacity.
We had club sandwiches, fruit and fries!

Here are the three books we bought for Robbie. We only spent around $2.50!! What a bargain!

Reading one of our new books before nap time!

Before I sign-off for today, as promised; I have a fun fall activity for you!

Pinned Image
Before I begin to share today's fall activity, I just had to share this amazing festive fall front porch! I found this on Pinterest and I think I'm in love!
 Fall Activity Day # 2

Fall Leaf Initial Wreath

Okay so, my regular readers know that I love anything monogrammed or initialed! I found this adorable wreath project on The Thrifty Abode .

You start with a $5 letter from Hobby Lobby.

Make sure you have a good spray adhesive on hand!

You can use plastic decorative leaves like the ones shown above or real leaves you have collected from your yard.

Finally, you spray your letter with glue and begin to place and situate the leaves as desired! Viola you are finished!!

 Oh, and did I mention we found two beautiful bell peppers in our garden yesterday!! :)
This is Robbie's little hand holding the bell pepper! He was so proud!
Gi Gi made egg rolls and rice for dinner. She diced the red peppers with cabbage, peas, corn and chicken breasts and rolled them in egg roll skins and baked them with drizzled olive oil; YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

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