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Friday, June 22, 2012

No Mama Drama . . .

Today's post is one for all my mama readers. We are all too familiar with the term "Mommy Wars". The Mommy wars are eveywhere; newspapers, magazines, editorial journals, television and radio. Mommy War issues are everyting from Stay-At-Home vs. Working Mothers, Cry-It-Out Sleep Training Vs. Attachment Parenting even Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding.
Ladies, it is so easy for us as mothers and women to fall into this Mama Drama trap. I hear it all the time at the playground; "Is your son Billy walking yet? Sally started walking long before she was his age." or " Hmm, have you started potty training yet?" Or how about this one; "Does your little one sleep in your bed or on his/her own?" Why is it that when you get Mothers together in a room a bell goes off and the gloves come up?
When it comes to "Mommy advice" I don't take it lightly. In fact, I have a small handfull of Mom's in my life who I trust and value their opinion when it come to Motherhood. I have chosen these women as mentor moms because I admire the end result, the fruit of their labor . . . their children.  I have my Mother, who I go to for everything, my dear friend Brenda, who has raised five lovely children and a few very close girlfriends who have babies around the same age as my little guy. These strong women have become my support system for all things maternal.

The idea for this post came to me this afternoon. I spent the morning on the phone and Skype with two of my dear go-to Mama friends Lisa and Alyson. We enjoyed talking about the up's and down's of being new mothers and how much we love our boys! Thank you girls for a much needed chat today. :)

Here is Miss Lisa with her sweet little boy Brayden.
I met Lisa while our husbands were stationed together in Florida,. We were neighbors and I wish we were still neighbors now!
Here is Miss Alyson with her adorable little family. We also were neighbors in Florida with Miss Lisa!

I thank the Lord for blessing me with the friendship of these two gals.

As Christian women, shouldn't we up-lift our fellow sisters in Christ and help them blossom and grow as mothers? It is normal to share with other mom's what your children are doing and how they are progressing for their age. However, it becomes un-healthy when we start comparing in a jealous manner. In Galatians 6:4 The Bible gives excellent wisdom ;

"Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else."

Haven't we had enough of the "Mommy Wars" ? It is time to hang-up those gloves ladies and start pulling together for the future of our children! 

I recently stumbled upon this article from The article features;

5 tips and tricks to avoid The Mommy Wars

"Mothers hear so much about the Mommy Wars. We’re told there’s an absolute no-holds-barred battle that leaves moms in the paid workplace and those at home fulltime raising kids unable to share a playgroup or a carpool, let alone a smile or a story. Is life at the local playground and the preschool pick-up line as bad as all that. Mothers report that for the most part, it doesn’t matter who’s getting a check at the end of the month, that—to quote the latest kid-rave High School Musical, we’re all in this together.

Whether there’s a paycheck at the end of the week or not, most moms want more friends, and wish to reach out to others. For mothers who want to move beyond the Mommy Wars, how are five tips for living positively and making life easier for all moms.

Be confident in your own life. We each take our individual paths, make decisions, and roll with the punches. Believe in yourself. If you’re satisfied with life at home, don’t be bothered by anyone’s comments. If you love work, express that. Feel good.

Resist the urge to criticize. . It’s so easy to take out our own frustrations on other women. Resist that urge, and take the high road instead. Focus on your vision of life and how to achieve it; let others live their lives. If you are unhappy with your life, take positive steps to make the changes you need.

Cultivate empathy. No matter what we do, moms these days deal with super high standards that no one can meet. Many moms feel pressured to be the “perfect mom.” Look behind this facade. Find the humanity in the other moms in your circle, and together, learn to support each other as women and as parents.

Mothers are constantly faced with mom-negative TV commercials, by mom-critical articles in our newspapers, magazines, and by the publicity around new and ever more extreme Mommy Wars books. Don’t take the bait. Some media push the Mommy Wars in order to raise our hackles—and as a result, get us to read their magazines, tell others about it, or click on their websites. These are best ignored.

Last, and the favorite by far: call a mom’s night out—for everyone. Facing some tensions at the elementary school PTA? Frustrated that you’re not in-the-know at the preschool? Pull out your phone list and invite five moms—whether they’re working for pay or home with the kids—to go out one evening after the kids are in bed. Invite moms you don’t know, and be ready to make some new friends.

After all, getting to know other women is the number one best antidote to the Mommy Wars. "

And finally, here is my own little quote;

"Don't be the "Mean Girls" of Mommyland, instead offer a helping hand!"  :)



Lisa said...

Thank you Sarah, you are just too sweet! I really enjoyed chatting with you today! Maybe one day God will place us all back together again?! I don't like the Mommy wars either! Every child develops at their own pace and every parent has their own way of doing things! "Different strokes for different folks!" I sometimes have to tell myself that! You are a wonderful Mom and Robbie is lucky to have you as his Mommy!! Miss and love you!

Daigle Family Happenings said...

this post made me miss our Bible Study group!

letty said...

Great post, I'm the type of person that has never liked to compare my kids with other children, people are always asking me if my 13 month old daughter is walking yet ( she's actually starting to ) and I always answer with she will start walking when she's ready and I'm in no hurry for her to grow up... Lol. Hey I just thank god my babies are healthy. ... God bless :)