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Friday, June 22, 2012

13 Months Old

I had originally decided to document each month of the first year of Robbie's life with post updates, stats and photos. I am enjoying looking back at my little memory book of "Robbie posts" so much, that I have decided to continue the monthly updates throughout this year as well. So, I'm sorry if these posts are a little boring for you all. Just bear with me as these monthly posts act as a baby book for our family. :)

Robert Is 13 Months Old

June 5th, 2012

Well little one, you are officially one month into the "one year old club" . :) Mommy just can't get enough of you my little sweet pea!

You had your one year old Well Baby check-up at the end of last month.


Weight: 22 pounds
Height: 33 inches tall

You are growing so big and so tall!! You loved visiting with your doctor, she gave you a book about the rain and a new toothbrush!

What Have You Been Up To?

Well little guy, it seems like you turned one year old and you have taken off! Both physically and verbally! You love to run and I do mean RUN!!! You love to dance to your music cd's. You have a new love for Lamb Chop. Mommy found a children's channel that plays the Lamb Chop show everyday and we watch one show after breakfast each morning.
Ha ha your feet look so big in this picture, it is just the poor quality of my photography skills. :)

You are saying "Dada", Mama, Dog, Cat, Ball, Duck, GiGi, Gampa and Hello. You can point to your nose and eyes when we ask you to and when we say "arms-up" you throw your little hands up in the air.

You love to swim in your little pool at GiGi's house. You have started blowing kisses and giving everyone and everything kisses!! I think giving kisses is your favorite thing to do!
When you see a phone you proudly grab it and say, "Hello". ;) You love to smell and pick the flowers in our backyard.
Within the last few weeks, while looking at your "100 word book" with us,  you will point out each animal that we ask you to find.

Oh and one more thing, you have started to recognize babies. Whenever you see a baby you say "baby, baby:. just too darn cute!!

We love you so much baby and we are so ubundantly blessed to have you!

Love you Robbie-Bobby,



Reality said...

I SPEAK To YOU CONTINUALLY. My nature is to communicate, though not always in words.
I fling glorious sunsets across the sky, day after day after day -- AND --- I ALSO fling death and famine across Africa and many other places.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I guess some people don't mind blasphemy!
It is obvious that this very ignorant person knows NOTHING about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses. The true God of creation, grace and salvation."I am, who am" Exodus 3:13 Alpha Omega same yesterday, today and tomorrow.God created Paradise and MAN blew it with disobedience and sin= death and famine : components; results of sin. What about the God of Mercy, Grace, Healing, a second chance through His son, Jesus? God cannot be any part of sin. The Bible teaches that He weeps over mankind's poor chioces of selfishnes.
You know, it is just a matter of choice and of faith and trust. All are born with the sin of man's fall, you are offered the gift of wiping out that sin though a gift called grace and love; which gives you the spirit of the indwelling Christ who will help you through all the world's corruption until we can live in a new,perfect healed heaven.
If people wish to blame God for man's doings, what can you say to a hard heart?
You are a very bitter person, "Reality" your reality is pitiful. Sorry you choose that yolk.
Sarah, pray for this person who God, Himself said we will all face in this life. I suggest you IGNORE Satan's legions.

Reality said...

Thanks for the morning dose of humor.Satan's legions?? Such superstition! If someone disagrees with you, then THEY are the pitiful one - is that how it works? There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of religions and YOURS is the only true one? If there is power in prayer or if God has power, then why famine, why child rape, why drug use and the terrible brutally that ensues ? It is part of the (terrible) human condition. Also, goodness in some is part of this condition. It is NOT a result of a talking snake and fruit on a tree. What a childish notion. Yes, you are in the company of legions who believe this - as there were once legions who believed that the world was flat. Perhaps some more scrolls will be found in the desert that say that Jesus had the power of flight. Why not? Don't say you will pray for me. How passive-aggressive. Spend your time praying for those dying in Africa and for victims of child rape (sometimes at the hands of priests and ministers).

Making The Most of Each Day said...

We have to soak in every single minute of this little cricket's life!
GiGi :)