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Monday, May 7, 2012

Robert Is One . . . . Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

Yesterday, Saturday May 5th, 2012 my sweet little baby boy turned one! Where has the time gone? This year has been absolutely amazing!  I have enjoyed every minute!

We celebrated Robbie's first birthday with all of our family and friends at our home in San Clemente, Ca. The theme for the birthday party was Cowboy/Western. Everyone dresses up, we served Mexican food, Margaritas and played tons of games! Most of all, I enjoyed the look of sheer joy and excitement on my little one year old's face throughout the day!
My Two Cowboys!
Robbie and Mommy!
Birthday present table

The table decorations that my Mom designed!
The cupcakes I made and one of the party favors, homemade BBQ sauce called" Bobby Billy's BBQ Sauce".

Robert's Auntie Summer, Miss Judy, Summer's Mom and myself.

My dear sweet friend Amanda and her adorable little girl Paige!

My Mom( Grandma Robin) and her dear friend Miss Liz.
Robbie's Auntie Becky and some of our Cowgirl friends!

Grandma Carla and Robbie
Let The Games Begin!!

 I wanted to have a party that would be fun for everyone. We had a ball pit set up for the kiddos, along with "Pin The Tale On The Donkey" and a "Bean Bag Toss" game. We gave out prizes for the adults and kids.
My parents bought a small ball pit for Robbie at Easter. The ball pit was a huge success and the kids loved playing in it.

Bean Bag Toss

Robbie and Paige exchanging hugs!! Isn't this just about the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Pure joy on this little cowboy's face!

Amanda's husband Richard, who took most of these beautiful pictures!

Robbie leading Mommy around in our backyard and our dear friend, Vicki watching the fun!

Our friend Christian and Robbie

Amanda and Paige enjoying Robbie's new swing.

The Birthday Boy!

Some Cowboys and Cowgirls enjoying their Margaritas! Also knows as Uncle Carl, Miss Judy, Auntie Summer and Daddy Rich.

Rich's Dad, Grandpa Ken. All dressed up and ready for fun!

Me, trying my hand at the Bean Bag Toss.

My Dad, Cowboy Ray or Gampa Gee as Robbie calls him!

Cowboy Kev!

Even Robbie's Great Grandma Lynn got in on the action!
Robbie's Great Grandpa William Branch, Robert's namesake. Thank God Grandpa William was here to celebrate. In my heart Robbie's Great Grandpa Robert was here in spirit. :)

My Cowboy hubby!
Cowboy Bud and Miss Rosemarie

Who could resist these adorable little faces?

 Time For Cupcakes!

I decided to make cupcakes for the birthday party. I thought something small and cute was appropriate for a one year old birthday! I tried a new recipe for Devil's Food Chocolate cupcakes with Carmel Sea Salt icing!! Yum!!!!

 I have to share this, over the past week or so, I showed Robbie a candle and tried to teach him to blow it out. Well, you wouldn't believe it... we all started singing Happy Birthday. Robbie started smiling, looked at Rich, looked at me and gave us a little smirk as if we were all in on his secret. When we had all finished singing, he leaned over and blew out his candle with a proud grin! I was so proud!!!

Cake-Face Baby!

Christian and his Mommy Aimee.
 Everyone enjoyed yummy cupcakes and ice cream especially Miss Angelica! 

Time For Presents . . .

Our little guy was blessed beyond belief with lovely toys, clothes and books from our dear friends and family. We are thankful for all of you!

One little Buck-a-roo and one proud Daddy!

Miss Judy made this adorable hand knit tie bib!

Miss Ayline, Miss Rosemarie, Miss Vicki and Miss Amanda

At the end of the day the smile on this face was all I could ever have hoped to see on my little birthday boy!

Go to sleep my little bug . . . have sweet dreams of your very fun, special first birthday. We love you so much!
Mommy and Daddy

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