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Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Hello my dear readers! I am just now getting around to blogging about our Mother's day. My husband has been away for military training and life and it's daily tasks have gotten in the way.
Here I am with my Momma
 I hope this post finds you all well and living life to it's fullest!  How was your Mother's Day? I know for many of my readers this was your first Mother's Day as a Momma!! How exciting for you!! For others, you might be a veteran Momma celebrating your 5th, 10th or even 20th Mother's Day. What an awesome experience for you. Then, there are those who are sad on Mother's Day because they have lost their Moms . . . rest assured, those of you who suffer with pain and heartache on this holiday. Your Mother's are walking with our beautiful Savior.

My sweet pea and me!
This was my second Mother's Day celebrating as an actual Momma! I spent last Mother's Day 2011, in the hospital with my new and precious little 4 day old baby boy! A joyful day that I will never forget! :)

Mother's Day 2011

And here I am this Mother's Day with my beautiful little one year old baby boy, ( well toddler)!

Rich was gone all last week doing more training in the Corps. I missed him, but spent the day with my parent's and my little boy. We visited both Grandma's graves on my side of the family. We went shopping and out to lunch! My Dad bought me a... beautiful painting for our home and gave my Mom a gorgeous diamond ring and surprised us all! Here we are, all three generations; my Mom, (Grandma Robin), Robert, and me! What a Happy Mother's Day it was! Wish you were with us Grandma Vera and Nana Helen . . . you both would LOVE Robbie so much! Happy Mother's Day to everyone, may God Bless you all! :)
Grandma Robin, Robbie and me. Three generations!
 Below is a picture of a past Mother's Day when my Grandma Vera was still with us. Pictured below is my Mom,Robin, her Mom, Grandma Vera and me.

It is such an honor and blessing to be a Mother! I hope you all enjoyed your special day!

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