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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Robert Is 10 Months Old

Yesterday, my baby turned TEN months old. Count them 10!!!!!!!!! Only two more months until his first birthday, (which I am busily planning)!! I can't wait to share what we have planned! So, here is my 10 month post for you my little man.

Robert, You Are 10 Months Old !

That means you have lived in the world for as much time as you lived in Mommy's tummy.  You are growing to be such a tall, strong and healthy little man! That makes Mommy and Daddy very happy.

Robbie's 10 Month Stats

You had your 9 month check-up last week and your stats were excellent.
Weight: 20.5 pounds
Height: Around 28.5 inches
Clothes Size: 9 to 12 months
Diaper: Size 3

You are still nursing and take a bottle in the morning and late afternoon.
You eat very well! Lots of fruit, veggies and whole foods for my little sweet pea! You have started using your fingers to select, pick up and place food in your little mouth!

You have a total of four teeth at 10 months old!

You love to crawl, play, get in to EVERYTHING! You have taken a few steps but no real walking on your own yet. You love to walk with Mommy and hold onto one of my fingers. I can't wait for you to walk on your own! :)

I love looking into your dear little eyes. They have such a kind innocence about them. You  love to babble and say Dada, Mama, Ball and Hi.

You clap when Mama says "Clap Robbie". You throw your arms up when we play "So Big". When Mommy or Daddy says " Let's Go" you crawl as fast as you can to one of us.

You and I have been working on your flash cards everyday sometimes two or more times a day. We are currently working on an animal theme!

We had a funny little event the other night. You constantly try to touch the television. Daddy and I worry that the flat screen will fall on you. So we say "No Robbie", when you touch it. Daddy was telling you not to touch it and you turned round with a BIG grin and blew him a kiss! Ha ha my heart and his melted!

We know you love music, and we hope you are a musical little guy! You sing with Mommy all the time! This is something new as of the past month. When I start to sing or you hear singing on the radio you sing right along with us. You have the sweetest, softest little voice. You sing saying "la-la-la" Last Sunday, Daddy and I had to leave church early because you were singing as loud as you could with the worship leaders! Everyone around us thought it was cute.

You continue to grow and amaze us with each new day Robbie! You are my little Robbie-Bobby and I love you more than words!

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