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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Another heirloom has entered The Christensen household. Growing-up, I was always in some sort of show choir, as I love to sing! One of my very first solo songs was called "Heirlooms" sung by Amy Grant. It reminded me of my Grandparents who had both recently passed away due to Cancer. This song exemplifies my hearts love language. Little did I know that one day I would be making memories and handing down heirlooms to my own little guy.

Click below to watch the Heirlooms video.
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When I first found out I was expecting our little Robert,  Rich and I asked my Father In-Law Ken, (who is an expert craftsman in carpentry) to build a crib for little Robert, his grandson. Ken made a beautiful Cherry wood hope chest for me as a wedding present.  I have the chest displayed in our bedroom. So we knew he was the man for the job! So, we knew Grandpa Ken was the man for the job.

All of this talk of woodworking and carpentry got me thinking about Jesus, for he was a Carpenter and his earthly father, Joseph as well.

 I remember my Grandpa Robert ( who my little Robert is named after) was also a Carpenter, as a hobby. Grandpa Robert made me all sorts of toys, Christmas ornaments, swings and baby doll cribs. I have such fond memories of hours spent with my Grandpa Robert in his workshop. He even made me a little tools apron to wear just like him. Oh how I miss him.
The baby doll cribs my Grandpa Robert made for my cousins and Me one Christmas.
in this photo; my cousin Aubre, myself in the middle next t o my Grandpa Robert and my cousin Marissa on the end.

 When I teach my little Robbie about Jesus, I thank the Lord that there are men in his little life that emulate the teachings and character of Christ.

My hope is for little Robbie to spend many hours wood working with his Grandpa Ken as I did with my Grandpa! Where special memories and heirlooms are made.

Robbie, my husband Rich and Grandpa Ken next to the new crib Grandpa Ken made for Robbie!

Thank You Grandpa Ken for heirlooms. Your legacy and crib will live on for many babies to come! :)


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Carla said...

We really look forward to Robert spending time with his Grandpa Ken woodworking also.