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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blueberry Finger Painting On A Sick Day

My little man has been down this week with his first bout of the 24 Hour Stomach Flu. Not fun for him and especially not fun for Mommy to wash both baby and bed sheets at two in the morning!! Today my little guy is up and at 'em! So, I decided to try a fun, totally organic blueberry finger painting activity!

If you are looking for an easy, safe and inexpensive way to let your little artist discover the joy of finger painting, why not try finger painting with organic, pureed fruits and veggies. It's much more natural than using harsh, chemically infused paints?

Well, this is exactly what we did today. I pureed a cup of blueberries until the texture was that of a watery dye. I also pureed sweet potatoes to add a little color. I gave Robbie a bib and paper and let him go to town!!

This is such a fabulous multi-sensory activity for your little one. It provides excellent practice on both fine and gross motor skills and it also makes for a fun lunchtime!

How To :
  1. Gather your materials. I am using a plain white piece of construction paper so there is plenty of contrast. The puree I am using are blueberries, bold, bright purplish blueberries! Please be sure you are only using purees that you have previously introduced to your child and know they will not have adverse reactions to.
  2. Tape construction paper to highchair or table.
  3. let your little artist CREATE!!!!!
Below are some pics that I took today from our first finger painting activity!
Puree fresh blueberries.

Robbie digging in.

"Hey, how did I do that ? "

Going for it now!!!!

My happy little artist!

Infant activities can often be hard to come by, but this was a huge hit with Robbie! We will be sure to use this craft again in our home!

Have a blessed day!!

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Carla Irene said...

This Grandma just loves your ideas, Sarah. It is so much fun to get on-line and see my grandson having so much fun!