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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Robbie Is 8 Months Old Today!!

Guess Who Turned 8 Months Old Today ???

It's you, our little man! We are enjoying you so much Robert! I am shocked at how quickly these past eight months have flown past us. Your Daddy and I have cherished EVERY moment of every day that you have graced our lives with that adorable little smile of yours! :) Yesterday, I took you to the doctor because you have your very first cold. :( Your stats were great! You weigh just about 20 pounds and you loved sitting up on the scale. You are wearing a size 3 diaper, you are wearing 9 months to a year clothing and still some 6 month clothing. You are cruising around , crawling from object to object, pulling yourself up on furniture to stand. You often stand on your own while holding on to just one of Mommy's fingers. You are babbling away, every day having more and more "conversations" with us!

This past month was a BIG month for you Robbie! You celebrated your very first Christmas!

You helped Mommy bake cookies for Santa.

You helped decorate the Christmas tree and sometimes you took ornaments off the tree when no one was looking.

 You opened presents!

 You still are a great eater and you love to try new foods!

You grew out of your favorite Jammie's :(

You met a new, very special person!

You met your Grandpa Ken's Mommy, Your Great Grandma Christensen

You are such a blessed boy to have been able to spend time with three of your Great Grandparents.

You have been having so much fun with Daddy !!! On Christmas Eve you gave Daddy the BESt present ever! While Daddy was changing your diaper, you reached your little hands up to his face, pulled his face to yours and said as plain as day "Daddy"!!! You should have seen your Daddy's face! You touched that Marine heart of his sweetie!

As of yesterday, you experienced your first cold. :(

But you are a little Marine and you will fight through it!

You love to laugh!

You love to be silly!

Mommy and Daddy  just couldn't love you more Robbie!
Love you Lots!!!

Mommy & Daddy

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