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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Was Your Day ?

Hi Friends! My blogging has been pretty pitiful this week  . . . I know! My Marine is still away and I am just spending all of my time with this little cutie!!!


This was Mr. Robert William right before our morning coffee play date with our friends; Miss Paige, Mr. Luke and their Mama's !

Speaking of Coffee, I am sooooo In love with a new drink at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!!! I am normally a Starbucks girl all the way, but lately I am crushing on this new fabulous tea from Coffee Bean!!
Winter Dream Tea

I had a wonderful time catching up and giggling with my sweet girlfriends. I so look forward to our weekly play dates!

 Later, in the afternoon I took Robbie to visit his Great Aunt Becky at her office. He loved crawling and pulling himself up, on and around her desk!

I also had a very nice conversation with my very best friend Summer! :)

I was even able to get a haircut today! I went super short and I LOVE IT!!!! :)


So, how was your day??

I also have a question for all of my Mama readers ? ? ? ?
What are your thoughts on Baby Walkers ?

 I grew up with one. My Little guy is REALLY on the move theses days crawling and cruising from object to object. Twice this week he has taken two steps forward without any help and not holding on to anyone or anything. He is also able to stand on his own. Is a push toy a better decision?

I would love your thoughts!!! :) What is the best way to encourage more walking for my 8 1/2 month old son's busy little feet?


elizabeth said...

I used a walker with both of my children. The main reason was not to help them walk, but to keep them busy and out of trouble. When they were crawling around, they were into everything. If I was cooking or trying to get things done and couldn't watch their every move, then I would put them in the walker. They were safe and entertained, and I guess learning to walk at the same time.

Daigle Family Happenings said...

Eden went right to a push toy because she was progressing so quickly with walking and taking steps. I think at this point since he's taken a few steps on his own that a push toy would be best. A walker isn't going to help when it comes to balance like a push toy will. He has to maintain balance with the push toy, but not with the walker since he'd be totally surrounded and supported by the walker. He sounds beyond a walker to me.