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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Playing Praise Music Throughout Your Home

It is Teach Me Tuesday and today I am talking all about Worship & Praise Music in the home. We all know the scripture above, we can quote it, write the words in and around our house, but do we ACTUALLY live the Joshua 24:15 scripture in our homes and in our hearts?

I for one am guilty of not ALWAYS living this scripture. I try my best, but I am human and often fall short. The important thing is to "keep on keeping on" Keep STRIVING to build a home that is pleasing to the Lord.

I find that my home has a much calmer tone when I have worship & Praise music playing softly throughout my house. I find myself singing along with the familiar songs as I am going about my day; folding laundry, changing/ playing with the baby, cooking and completing my daily chores. I even catch my husband singing or whistling along to these good old worship songs.

Years before I had Robert, I had a friend tell me that she constantly has worship music softly playing in her babies and children's rooms 24 hours a day. I loved this idea and started this tradition with Robbie about a month ago. You wouldn't believe how much this has blessed us both! Robbie seems to LOVE the music and I really do believe it comforts and lulls him to sleep. I am comforted by the words and presence of the music as well. It is AMAZING to me how significant it is to our family to have this music playing at all times. I really do believe it helps me have a better and more positive attitude throughout my day. I also believes it helps ALL of us sleep well . . . feeling safe and secure. We play the praise music on my IPOD in Robbie's nursery and we can hear it very well through the baby monitor in our room. My husband says he sometimes feels like he hears the songs in his dreams, Rich agrees with me that his sleep has improved so much since doing this. It really gives me an overwhelming peace!

Here is our choice Worship album for Robert's nursery at night.

I love The Maranatha Singers. This particular album is soft and soothing. It is also a rather long album ( which I love). I keep my IPOD set to repeat this album in Robbie's nursery 24 hours a day.

Throughout our home, I like to stream Pandora Radio Christian Praise from our television. This is on during the day loud enough for me to hear, yet soft enough to not disturb sleeping babies during nap time. :) Rich and I have been trying to limit the amount of time we spend watching television. Often times, I have found myself with the T.V. on throughout the day just for background noise to keep me company. This is a great alternative and it glorifies the Lord and blesses our home.

If you do not already do this, I encourage you to give it a try! Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I am off for a walk with my special little guy!

Have a blessed day.

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Collette said...

Hi! I love having worship music on during the day, too...and I really believe it *completely* changes the general atmosphere of my home. When my kids are feeling grumpy, this always cheers everyone up.

Love the idea of using the streaming - I'm going to check that out later! Love the idea of having it on during naps/sleep time, too. Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, Collette