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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cranberry Sauce . . . To Can Or Not To Can?

This is a Fruitful Friday post, in a literal sense! haha. I have mentioned that we are hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year. I LOVE to host holidays! I just bought a 28 lb turkey and I am ready to get to cooking! It should be interesting spending my day cooking while looking after this little crawler, who I might add, is into everything now! :)
With Thanksgiving fast approaching and less than a week away, I have a question for you all . . .

To can or not to can?

Please, let me explain . . .

Each year, Rich (my husband) and I have one thing we disagree on during the holidays. . .


Rich is a canned cranberry man.

I am a homemade cranberry relish kinda girl.

Where do you fall in the category of cranberry sauce?

Well, for those of you that agree with me and like a nice homemade cranberry relish . . . here is one of the recipes I have tried . Enjoy!

Cranberry-Orange Relish

4 cups (1-lb) Ocean Spray Cranberries

2 Orange, quarted

2 Cups sugar

Boil cranberries on stovetop for a good 30 min or so.

Now, put cranberries and oranges including rind through the food processor.

Stir in the sugar and re-heat for 10 min or so.

Now, let cool and chill

This is just one recipe, I have many variations. . .




Collette said...

Love cranberries! I've been anxiously awating the fresh ones to show up in my markets... hoping to stock up on many bags this weekend (for my freezer). I'd have to agree with you on the fresh sauce, although I love them canned, too, LOL. Sounds like you'll be busy in the kitchen this coming week :)

Lisa said...

We always have both at my parents house! Next year however Kyle and I will be hosting Thanksgiving in our new home so I will have to decide one or the other, or both! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!