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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Room

How was your Sunday? We had a wonderful Sunday at home. Rich and I went on a nice run this morning, Robbie was right with us, napping in his stroller. Today was also the first Sunday Rich and I ventured out to church with Robbie. I was concerned that he might cry . . . but he didn't, he was great! Just to be on the safe side, Rich and I sat up in the crying room. Our little man took his bottle and then politely played with his toys while sitting on my lap. We enjoyed a great sermon on marriage. We finished our day with a nice meal, baby asleep and now we are about to watch our Netflix.

But First . . .

Here is our bedroom, the last room of my home that I will be sharing.
I love this wall lettering above our bed.

It is hard for me to capture one large picture of our room, so I broke it up into a few pictures.

This is looking in from the hallway.

The view from our bed each morning.

Our bed and bathroom door to the right.
Our closet, TV and Robbie's swing. Also, a hope chest, which Rich's Dad made for me.

My favorite little reading nook.

Well, I hope this week you have enjoyed a glimpse into our home!

Now I 'm off to watch my Netflix. :)

Have a wonderful evening!



Mrs Mary Joy Pershing said...

I love your bedroom! The saying and flowers above your bed are wonderful! And I love your reading corner too! The view from your bed is amazing!!!! What a blessing!

Thank you so much for the tour! And congratulations on your first success church service with your little one! Just take it one at a time and remember...people don't mind hearing a little fussing...sometimes it makes us smile as we remember our own little ones during the baby years! :D


Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

The view from your bedroom window is amazing. Good for you for having a jogging stroller. That was my favorite piece of baby equipment. Your decore is inspiring. I may have to add some nice touches to my husband's mancave after seeing how nice yours looks. A blessed week to you........Denise