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Monday, September 26, 2011

A Random Monday Post

It's Monday night and I am just sitting down to blog. My little baby is sound asleep and Dancing With The Stars is over. Here are some fun Marvelous Monday products. But first, I have to be a Momma and post some pics of my little man. :)

The pictures above and below are from this past weekend at Grandma's. Our little bug loves his bath time! :)

This picture below is actually from about a month ago. Excuse the mess and my no make-up frazzled look. This is when we were moving from our apartment into our new house. Robert loves this seat that his Great Grandma Branch bought for him! :)

Ok, on to my first Marvelous Monday pick!

I have mentioned before that I have a HUGE addiction to As Seen On TV products! What can I say? I just can't pass up a good product when I see it. ;) Well, I have been wanting to get The Perfect Brownie kit. Rich keeps telling me that I won't use it and it will just end up shoved in a cabinet. My Mom's friend Roberta got one for me and I am just thrilled! I love it, just as I thought I would!!! :)

In an effort to look my best for The Marine Corps Birthday Ball, which is coming up on November 6th. Robbie and I have been going on a 4 mile walk every morning and in the evenings I have started running on my own. I love this website

Not only can I map out my run and run distance before I complete it, but the site also keeps track of my time. I also use it to track my walk with Robbie. You have to check out this site.

Finally, I wanted to share a good friend's blog. Her name is Julie and her blog is To give you a background on Julie here is an excerpt from her blog; "For years I have felt a calling to write. I have written three children's novels and one adult novel, as well as countless devotions and essays on my own personal experiences and life lessons. I will be sharing many of these on my blog. My dream is to one day be a published author. How nice it would be if my husband didn't have to work so hard! In the meantime, I will keep doing what I love, writing. While this blog isn't meant to be about me, I cannot write without sharing from my own personal experiences. I hope that the words, woven together with faith and love, will encourage, edify, and minister to any and all who read it. "

If you are looking to find wonderful, heartfelt, life experiences and daily inspiration about The Lord, please check out Julie's blog. You will be blessed through her writing.

Have a fabulous Monday friends! :)


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Essential Mama Baby said...

You have a very handsome son! Love the pictures. I'm on my way to check your friend's blog and I will certainly get the "perfect brownie" for myself. Thanks for sharing!

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