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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A GREAT Recipe!

Happy Thursday!
Wow!! It has been one busy week my friends and I am so sorry to have neglected my blog this week! I have been consumed with my sweet little boy, Junior League and planning Robbie's Dedication Ceremony on October 15th. I did however want to see how all my sweet readers are? So, I am doing things backward today. I would love you to share any prayer requests and praises you might have.

Tomato Pie

If this looks scrumptious to you, be sure to get this recipe!

so, without further adieu.... I would like to share with you a wonderful recipe that I tried this week. It was a HUGE hit with my hubby and one you are sure to LOVE! I got the recipe from my Mom, who received it from her good friend.

Check out the whole recipe by clicking here:

Enjoy Dear Ones!


Martha Schrader said...

Wow, first I thoght this was just some pizza recipe, but it is something new! Gotta try this out this weekend for my kids :)

Shonda said...

Hi Sarah! I've been to your blog before and I remembered that you were pregnant. Congrats on your little boy. When was he born? My daughter was May 6. This tomato pie looks scrumptious! Well, I have a prayer request. Being a mom of two is hard and I would like prayer to have grace and love with my overly defiant 2 year old right now. He is the sweetest most stubborn boy I know! (Just like me, I guess). I will be sure to visit your blog more often. :) Hugs to the new mama!