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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Happened To Dressing Up?

Good Afternoon friends. Today I want to talk about bringing class back into our fashion. Am I alone when I say that I love to get dressed up in a nice dress, do my hair and put on a chic pair of heels? Whatever happened to the days where women and men took pride in their outward appearance. I'm a fan of the AMC television show Mad Men. I just love how everyone on the show dresses with such class and style. Mad Men takes us back to the late 1950's early 1960's, a time where men combed their hair and wore suits with nice ties, great hats and shiny black leather shoes. The women wore dresses and knew how to accessories and look smart with their gloves, scarfs, bags and pantyhose. Whenever I watch Mad Men I long to live in a world where it is still socially acceptable to "dress up" in society.

The Women of Mad Men Pictured Above

The Men Of Mad Men Pictured Above

I find myself asking the question when did it become so acceptable to "dress down" you might say? I guess I'm asking when did we become so lax in our society that we allow our teenage girls to go out in public wearing ridiculously short skirts with their bra straps hanging out? When did it become acceptable for the young men of our generation to ride around on skateboards with their pants halfway to the ground showing all of the world their underwear and who knows what else? I grew up in a generation of girls where only about half of us knew what it was like to wear pantyhose. I can only imagine that our children might not even know what they are.
Why don't people understand fashion etiquette when going to an event? Jeans, flip flops and tank tops are NOT acceptable evening attire . You should never think it proper to dress as such when attending a social function unless that function is an outdoor BBQ or beach party.

This brings me to my next rant. Why don't people especially women understand and stick to wearing a size of clothing that ACTUALLY fits them? Women come in all different shapes and sizes thin, tall, short, fat, curvy etc... That is the beautiful thing about us, it's what makes us women. Why don't we learn to dress accordingly. Large girls should not wear tiny tight shirts that showoff and accentuate nothing but their poor figure. The same goes for skinny girls who like to showoff too much cleavage.

So ladies, I'm putting it out there, a challenge to bring class back into our society and I'm starting with how I dress. I don't believe you have to spend a ton of money. You can find ways to be creative such as shopping at thrift stores, vintage shops, or perhaps sewing your own. Even stores like Kohl's and Target are starting to carry more fashionable feminine clothing. Whatever happened to men dressing like men and women dressing feminine like women. Quite frankly I'm sick of the unisex look! Jeans are fun and so relaxing, but let's not forget to include a fun flirty dress in the mix of our wardrobe every once in a while. Remember accessories speak volumes! I have a friend I grew up with who has started a fashion blog and I think she dresses just adorable here is her site; she truly is a class act.

It doesn't hurt to put on a little lipstick and mascara before going to the grocery store, mall or just out for a walk. I am one of those girls who puts a little makeup on even when I go to the gym. My Mom and Grandma always taught me to try and look good when you go out in public because you never know who you might run into. Also, the one time you don't look your best is the time you will see everyone you know. :) I will get off of my soapbox for today. Until next time happy dressing!

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