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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plaid Shirts and Father's Day

Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Father's Day this year. I'm sure you were able to spend it with someone you love. Our little family celebrated Rich's first year as a father! The baby and I woke Rich up early in the morning with a Father's Day card for him along with a gift. Not to mention Robert got some snuggle time from Daddy. We stayed the weekend at my parent's house which is about an hour from our home. My Mom and I made lunch for "the Boys" my Day, Rich and little Robert. We had a nice afternoon. Later in the evening Rich, Robert and I went to Rich's parent's house for his brother's graduation (from college) party. It was Robert's debut to the family! :) Throughout the day I kept thinking of my Grandpa Robert (who Robert is named after) and how much I wish he could have been with us this Father's day. I hope he was watching from heaven. I'm thankful for all of the great Dads in my life.

Rich and little Robert on his first Father's Day as a Daddy!
I promise we don't really dress like this!!! Haha it was a joke we played on my Dad this Father's day. My Dad is known for always wearing plaid shirts. Haha I don't know if he plans it, but I am pretty sure plaid just beckons him! You name it he's got it blue plaid, red plaid checkered plaid!! So this year when he saw us we were all dressed in plaid even the baby! Here's to you Dad!! We changed after of course and I promise no one was hurt during the making of this photo. No one except my fashion sense!

Pictured below Rich, my Dad Ray, my Mom Robin, Me and little Robert
Here is a picture of Rich's Father Ken, Rich's Grandpa William ( Who by the way Robert is also named after) Robert and Rich.

I LOVE this photo because it is the first time Grandpa Branch (William) was able to hold Robert William his great grandson. Grandpa Branch is Robert's name sake and a very special man. Grandpa Branch didn't notice, but I listened in on his conversation to Robert. He held Robert like this for about an hour or even a little longer. During this cuddle time he was telling Robert William the story of how they got their name. Just too precious!!!

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The A.D.D Crafter said...

Just read this and am still teary eyed after reading the last paragraph. I'm so glad you listened in so you can tell Robert all about his very first conversation with his great grandpa. Must have been such a beautiful tender moment.