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Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Another Marvelous Monday !!

It' s Monday already! Good morning readers! It's a June gloom Monday here in Orange County California. That's ok because I'm enjoying the cooler weather. This week I have a few more must have items that I just ordered and I'm ready to share. Now, who's ready to shop?

First, If you haven't already heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom then I must share with you this wonderful line of chic handbags and accessories not just for baby, but for Mom too! This past week I had a play date with my friend Amanda who happened to have a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Well naturally I just fell in love with it! I had to have one!! So, I got online did a little research ordered one and will be receiving it this week. I received a beautiful bag from some friends as a shower gift which I use everyday and LOVE!! Between running errands and driving to Grandma's little Robert now needs two bags one for blankies and clothes and another for diapers, bubble bath, lotion, wipes and so on. For all you Mommas I believe this diaper bag is sturdy, extremely useful and stylish. I also love that it has tons of compartments, a roll out changing pad and doubles as a sling or a backpack. Here is the link to look at all the different styles offered .
Hope you enjoy!

Next on my list is the cookbook Fabulicious by Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I talked about my slight addiction to this show in a previous blog post. I am waiting on this book to be delivered but I looked through it at on Amazon and it had some wonderful recipes in it. Nothing beats good old fashioned Italian cooking! I know I will be posting some of these recipes with all of you very soon!

Last but not least. This is just a fun little fast food snack idea. Yesterday my husband wanted to grab something quick to eat from McDonalds. I am trying to lose those last few stubborn pounds of baby weight so McDonalds was not my first choice. I had already eaten a big lunch and just wanted something small to hold me over. I tried their new oatmeal with fruit and nuts. It was wonderful!! Plus who can complain for only 290 calories? :)

Hope you got some great ideas today. Happy shopping!! :)

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