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Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Are Official Graduates of Birthing Class

Well, Rich and I are officially Birthing Class Graduates of Saddleback Memorial Women's Hospital! We completed the classes in a two day crash course. One taking place on a Friday evening for 4 hours and the other on the following Saturday morning for another 4 hours. We both feel pretty well prepared now. We had an awesome instructor Nurse Carrie ( who by the way is 34 weeks pregnant herself):). Rich and I have both been so impressed by the quality of nurses, doctors and staff at Saddleback! Nurse Carrie definitely deserves an A+ for her fabulous instruction on childbirth, breathing techniques and an overall great personality! Here is one of the videos that they showed us ( the non-rated R version) ;)

We also took a tour of the hospital and birthing rooms, and I have to admit I am quite looking forward to having little Robert at this hospital. I mean it's like a resort (if you just don't think about the whole pain process). All of the rooms are private and quite large with a jacuzzi tub and a huge picture window. I think my birthing experience at Saddleback will be a positive one!

Best of all I truly enjoyed going through all of the breathing techniques with Rich! I know he is going to be a wonderful birthing coach. While practicing he is so attentive and focused. We have been practicing the breathing and relaxation techniques every night before bed. We are ready and we have our game face on! :) Now quick let's do this before I lose my nerve!!! :(

Blessings, Sarah

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Autumn said...

Good for you for practicing! Keep it up! It will prepare you really well! I liked listening to a relaxation cd with nature sounds, music, or verbal ques once a day. It kept me so low key and relaxed. I had a friend who listened to worship music. Glad you are so happy with the hospital. It makes the experience so much better when you have nice facilities and great staff. You guys are both going to do great. We are so excited for you!

Summer said...

Holy cow that room is beautiful!! I'm so proud of you and excited for you!!