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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday ( A Surprise Gift From A Special Friend )

It's Thursday evening I have just finished dinner and as the dishwasher runs and my husband watches March Madness basketball I decided to do a little blogging!

I had a wonderful day. First, this morning I had my 32/ 33 week Dr. appointment. Praise God everything looks great with the baby! A strong heartbeat in the 130's and he is head down! I also found out my sweet Dr. is pregnant as well! I even found time to Skype with my girlfriend and fellow Marine wife Melissa in Hawaii!

When I cam home late this afternoon there was a package on my doorstep! I love getting packages, I always feel so special! Well, this package has a special story and adventure to go with it.

To begin with earlier this week ( Tuesday morning to be exact) my doorbell rang. I looked through the peek hole to find a strange man standing there. I didn't answer because I was home alone and still in my pajamas!

But wait, it gets better. Late Tuesday night around 10:00 p.m Rich and I were just settling in to go to sleep when our doorbell rang!!! Who could that be??? So, Rich and I ran to the door and just happened to see the same strange man leaving. He was too far to call out to by now.

Hmm, I thought. The mystery continues... So, that whole night I thought of the worst case scenario of who this man could possibly be. Was he kind? Was he a neighbor? Was he the killer from Lovely Bones?? I mean who is this strange man who comes to peoples houses at ten o'clock at night??

The next morning (It's Wednesday now) I was just stepping into the shower when the doorbell rang. Now, as you can imagine I am 8 months pregnant and just shuffling myself from one side of the house to another is quite an ordeal. Let alone naked trying to throw on a robe!! Just as I made it to the door the strange man was gone. I saw him get into his car this time! Darn I thought.

Well, today the mystery was solved!!! This evening Rich and I found a package on our front door! I eagerly opened it and found that it was a present from my good friend Sara ( also a fellow Marine wife)! Sweet Sara crocheted a beautiful blanket for our little Robert!!!!

This made my Thursday even better and gave me another reason to be so thankful!!! Thankful to have such a kind, sweet and thoughtful friend! As well as thankful that we solved our mystery,and that the killer from Lovely Bones was in fact not after me! ha ;) The man this whole time was our neighbor (whom we have never met) the package was delivered to his house by mistake!

Here I am with Sara when we all lived in Virginia

The beautiful blanket she made Robert!

Hope your Thursday was fabulous!!!
Blessings, Sarah
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Anonymous said...

LOL! That story is awesome!!! Did I put the wrong apartment # on it?

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

haha no not at all just the mail person messed up! :)

Sonya Schroeder said...

That is so sweet and I know what you mean I dont answer the door for anyone if my hubby is not there! What a great surprise!! Thanks for sharing!