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Friday, February 25, 2011

Readers, How Did You Create A Healthy Sleep Habit For Your Baby???

Good morning my wonderful readers!
It's a cold day here in So Cal. We have been hearing on the news that it may even snow in some areas of the Southern California valleys. This hasn't happened since the 1940's!

I'm sitting here looking out to a gray and cold morning, snuggled up with my comfy pj's and a cup of warm tea. I have a question for all of the Mommas who follow and read this blog? I respect your opinions and would love to hear from you today!

I have been reading up on all the baby preparation books I can. We now only have about 10 weeks until Rich and I meet our little one. So, a huge question has been weighing on my mind and on my heart, I'm hoping to get some great input from all of you who have been down this road before.
There are so many different ideas out there about how to get your newborn baby to sleep through the night and develop happy, healthy sleeping patterns. There is the "Baby Wise" method (which I am aware of the controversy behind this method) as well as many other methods and philosophies that preach the exact opposite of "Baby Wise". I believe that whatever schedule/ program we use, it is important to stick with it and make it a priority. I know that we are laying a foundation that will make a difference to our child in the longterm.

So far we have read "Baby Wise" and are leaning towards that method. We want to try to do everything possible to get our little guy off on the right foot and sleeping in his own crib. I am a huge scheduler! So there are many attractive features to this option.
Below are some of the resources I have recently gathered from other Mommas:

What are your thoughts readers? Which methods did you use? Let me hear them!!! :)


Sarah ( A First Time Momma On A Mission) :)


Stephanie said...

Hi Sarah!

I don't know the "Baby Wise"-Method (I'm from Germany, perhaps it has not been published here).
I have read the book from Dr.Karp and found some wise thoughts in it.
I've three children between 7 and 1. But, no matter which way I chose, they were no good sleepers.
My daughter slept 7 hours at one time at the age of four weeks. But she had a problem to get to sleep and often she woke up at 3 a.m. crying for one hour.
My son always woke up after two hours till he was 18 months old....
What I want to say: Don't focus too much on one method. Perhaps your son will need another, children are very different (and they often behave just the other way we expected!).


corriemae said...

Check out this blog Erin just had a post about babies and sleeping. I think getting baby on a schedule is important and helpful for the parents.

~Lindsey said...

I remember reading the "Baby Whisperer" book while pregnant with daughter #2 and really liked it. Its been 6 years now so I don't remember too much of it but I would recommend it!! Here are a few tips that I can think of:

Put baby to sleep when they are sleepy, not asleep. You want them to be able to fall asleep by themselves.
You will learn their cues as to when they are getting sleepy, there is a time frame that you need to get them down otherwise you miss that window of opportunity and then they just become overly tired and more difficult to put down. I'll let you know if and when I think of more, hope that helps a little.

Joanna said...

My two cents: Some babies do really well with schedules and routine and others prefer the "que sera, sera" lifestyle. It's great to prepare, but I wouldn't decide which strategy to use until you meet your little one. He'll let you know what he prefers, and really, it's all about him, isn' it? You'll do great!

Collette said...


I used the Babywise books with three of my four kiddos & they all slept through the night by 8 weeks or so; naptimes were/are also fairly regular. I didn't read the book until my 1st child was 8 mos old...he was NOT sleeping well at all until I used the tips given in the book.

I think the key is what others have mentioned above...each baby is different & you'll find that you will have to adapt any method you use to each baby; nothing ever really goes exactly by the book!

I'm big on schedules, too (& not on the 'family bed' method) so I think that's why this worked so well for me.

Best wishes as you prepare for your little one!


Daigle Family Happenings said...

We used the Happiest Baby on the block for the first few months (the fourth trimester) and then used Ferber's book for self-soothing when she was ready to get rid of the swaddle. Use the Swaddle-me blankets that have velcro because trying to swaddle a baby without the velcro is useless!!!!

Anonymous said...

the miracle blanket works really well. we tried different swaddles and had no luck until we tried the miracle blanket. My son was getting up every 2 hours then the first night we tried it he slept 8 hrs straight regularly until he was too big for it or teething

Uma Maheswar Nakka said...