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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This week my Good Morning Girls Bible Study has been reading from James Chapter 2 verses 1-13. These particular verses are all about showing favoritism. The Lord's message is so clear to us in his word about not showing favoritism, and yet we do it everyday. Have you showed favoritism or judged someone else based on their appearance or demeanor. I must admit I have. Have you ever been on the opposite end of favoritism? I can think of times in high school, at social events (both Church related and not) even amongst certain groups of friends and acquaintances. Showing favoritism, clicks, mean girls whatever you call it is hurtful and cruel.

Our study this week reminds me of a story in my life.
When I was a little girl in elementary school, I had a classmate named Rosario. I went to school with Rosario from Kindergarten through 9th grade. Rosario was teased mercilessly by all the kids at our school. When I think about it, she was teased and judged by everyone based on her outward, physical appearance. No one ever took the time to really know Rosario. The kids who made fun of her didn't know if she was a kind girl, if she loved to read, what her favorite color or food was. All these mean spirited children knew of Rosario was that she was overweight, dressed differently and English wasn't her first language ( Spanish was). I can remember Rosario would have to leave our classroom on certain days to go to an ESL classroom to help her with her English. After class, many of the kids would wait to call her hurtful names following her, taunting her all the way.

One day, when I was in the in fourth grade, I went to use the restroom. I found Rosaio in the bathroom eating her lunch in a stall . This is where she knew she would have her only peace from the tormenting school children. I sat with her and asked her all about herself. Rosario was the first person in her family to go to school in America. She was the eldest child of many and was the only person in her home who spoke English. We remained friends and to this day I still run into Rosario when I go to my hometown to visit my parents. I am proud to say she is the first person in her family to have received her high school diploma, she taught her brothers and sisters English and has a beautiful heart.

Similar to this story, I have one more to share with you. Years after Rosario, I became a teacher. It was my second year teaching elementary school. I was teaching third grade. My students had just been excused to lunch and I ran to the closest bathroom to my classroom ( the girls bathroom) to wash paint off of my hands from an art project. When I walked into the bathroom I heard sobbing in one of the stalls. I asked who was there and a small timid voice said, "It's Gracie, Miss Sieverling is that you? " I answered, "yes," and told Gracie to come to my classroom. Gracie came in with a tear streaked face and a lunch that hadn't been touched. I immediately knew what happened. Gracie had been the victim of another mean girls attack.

Gracie shared with me that she ate lunch in the bathroom everyday because it was the only place where people wouldn't make fun of her for being different. Sweet, dear little Gracie did appear different to the other children, her hair was always a mess, uncombed and in her eyes, her clothes never quite matched and she wore huge coke bottle glasses. Yet, Gracie had a heart of gold! She was one of the brightest students in my class, she loved the Lord and was always the first to offer to help out.

I choked up and was holding back tears as Gracie shared her story with me. I was teaching of all places, at a Christian School. I was saddened by these children who hurt Gracie. I shared with Gracie about Jesus, who was persecuted for being different. These stories in my life; have helped me to not judge a person based on their looks or clothing. It's easy to love and favor the people in this world who aren't "different." Abraham Lincoln once said, " God must love the common people because he made so many of them."

In this particular chapter of James we are told that the only standard we need to meet is a "glorious standard" one set out by our Lord Jesus Christ, a standard of equality and impartiality. I am currently on my own following along with an Elizabeth George study on James. She brings up a powerful point about these verses:
"In meditating on James's words, I'm thinking about the many poor"common people" in the Bible that were "rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which [God] promised to those who love Him. " This is the list of people in the Bible who we can learn from when it comes to having a HEART of FAITH.

"The Widow of Zarephath- had no one to care for her and was so poo she was preparing her last bite to eat before she and her son would lie down and wait to die. Yet, the rich-in-faith, poor- in-means woman later declared her faith ( 1 Kins 17) .

Ruth and Naomi- Were also destitute widows... until God sent Boaz to honor their faith and to care for them (Ruth 2)

Anna- Another widow, lived out her great faith as she served God with fasting and prayers night and day in the temple (Luke 2: 37).

Paul- The Lord's apostle to the Gentiles, learned to be content and trust in the Lord when he was abased, hungry, and without the bare necessities ( Phillippians 4: 11-12).

And Finally Our Dear Jesus- The One who is Faithful and True, had no place to lay his Head when he was born (Matthew 8:20).
Surly it is better to be rich in faith than rich in funds!"
(Elizabeth George)

The Lord loves the Rosarios and the Gracies the same as He loves each of us. He created each of us perfect in his image. Who are we to judge one of his children ?

Just a thought as you go about your week. :)
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Lisa Maria said...

Hi Sarah

What wonderful stories you used to illustrate your point. Unfortunately, they are all too common... and among Christians too. Its difficult for remember always to reach for the higher standard set by Jesus when surrounded by the values of the world. Raising children to do this is a real challenge. I often feel like I'm the cheese that stands alone! That's why its so nice to be a part of things like this bible study. Its so good to know that there are others trying to do the same.

God bless!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

this hurts my heart! I've been a victim of not being accepted many times especially as i was a military child and moved a lot plus being shy.
Now being a mlitary spouse, I try to reach out to others. :)

Summer said...

I remember sweet Rosario! I was so happy to hear that you still see her now and then! Hearing that story again brought tears to my eyes!

Shonda said...

Those are heart wrenching stories. We do need to watch how we behave. I'm loving this GMG study on James. It has really brought out some areas that have been cobwebs in my heart. May God change us to be the women he called us to be!

Sonya Schroeder said...

What a great reminder Sarah! I was a girl in school who was made of fun of and had good friends at the same time. It hurts at the time until someone comes along and is there just because. Everything changes!! The whole James study is such an eye opener for me to really become closer to God!! Loving everyone just as He loves us!!! hugs girl

Susan Evans said...

Kids can be so mean sometimes. But even as adults, especially in Christian circles, we sometimes focus on things that are not important. Somehow Satan tries to make people feel superior to others, which is why people do it without realizing it. The root sin is pride.