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Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Morning Girls Bible Study

Good Morning!
I hope all of my readers are enjoying their long weekend! I know here in Southern California we had a beautiful, warm, sunny weekend. Perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors!

Today, I am excited because it is the first day and kick-off of a Bible Study I am a part of! The name of the study is "Good Morning Girls". This is unlike any Bible Study group I have been in. It is unique because we meet on-line. The group is composed of many women throughout the country who enjoy using facebook, e-mail or twitter to keep each other accountable for their quiet time with the Lord. The main purpose of the study is to hold each other accountable and help others maintain the discipline and strength of reading God's word daily! Anyone can join!

In my case I joined a group of Military and non-Military wives whom I know from previous life and military life experiences. I LOVE this because many of the girls in my "Good Morning Girls " group were part of my old Bible study in Florida. Here we are almost a year later all living in different parts of the country and yet still able to remain close through the word of the Lord!

I have decide to complete "The Good Morning Girls" study on James. This study will run from January 15th through April 15th so, twelve weeks. Not everyone is choosing to do the same study. Some women are choosing to read a different book from the Bible, or even the entire Bible in one year. The choice is yours as long as we all stay committed to reading the scriptures everyday!

Here's how it works. I registered on the "Good morning Girls website" You might still be able to register today please check it out!

I hope you all choose to jump into the word and scriptures of the Lord in this new year!

Enjoy your long weekend!


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